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Posca Pen Art Ideas (9 Ideas You Will Love)

In this post we will explore some great Posca pen art ideas that go beyond the usual rocks and shoes. We will be looking things to do with Posca pens such as as customizing jackets, shoes, surfboards, mugs, lampshades etc.

There was a time when if you enjoyed painting that your only material to work with was a piece of paper or some canvas.

Those days are gone, and people are establishing reputations for producing designs on all sorts of objects.

Reputations are being built, and money is being made by individuals who are using their imagination and customizing everyday objects.

An example would be sneakers and boots. Turning plain white footwear into stunning designs can express your individuality and showcase your talent.

Click here if you would like to find out if you can use Posca pens on shoes!

This creativity has all been made possible with Posca Paint Pens.

Posca Pens are a fun water-based marker. The pigments in the Posca Pens can be applied to virtually any material, without using a fixative, including Wood, textiles, cardboard, metals, some plastics, and pebbles.

The flexibility of Posca Pens means they can be used for a wide variety of craft projects, and that is what we will focus on in this article.

And with this in mind, here are some Posca pen art ideas that will inspire you to go that extra mile.

Here’s some Posca Pen Art Ideas to Inspire You

Surf Boards

Posca Pen Art Ideas

Posca Pens are a great way of customizing your surfboard. You can turn a boring plain surfboard into a work of art.

If you decide that you want a new look for your surfboard, this is how you do it.

· Scrape off all the wax from your board

· Use acetone and a paper towel to get rid of any remaining wax.

· Sand the surfboard using sandpaper 200 grit or higher. This process provides a rougher surface so that the paint can grip the surface.

· Sketch out your design with a pencil

· Use your Posca Pens to create your unique design.

· Wait for the paint to dry overnight

· Spray a few coats of clear varnish over the paintwork to protect it

Shirts & Jackets

Posca Pen Art Ideas
Posca and Jackets

Start your clothing range, selling individually painted shirts and jackets.

You can add layers of color using Posca and create very intricate designs if you want.

Once you have finished your design, let it dry naturally and then use either a hair dryer or iron to fix the design.

Iron on the reverse of the design, and if the material is flimsy, consider using greaseproof paper as a barrier.


Posca and Mugs

Using your Posca Paints, you can turn any plain old cup into a stunning customized design.

If you are planning to use the mug for drinks, it is best to keep the design well clear of where the lips meet the cup.

Even though Posca pens are non –toxic, but it is best not to place them inside your mouth.

One idea is to place a cellophane bag of sweets inside the mug to make a great personalized gift.


Posca Pen Art Ideas
Posca can be used on cars!

Out of all the Posca pen art ideas, this is one I want to really do.

If you are looking for a real project, how about using Posca Paints to customize your car?

Using these remarkable paints, you can create a stunning vehicle that will be a real eyecatcher.

Fill your car’s body with an intricate and unique design. Fix it with a hairdryer and then cover it in see-through clear varnish.

This activity has become quite a popular one, and some used vehicles have been so transformed that they are worth far more than the same car new.

The pens are easy to use, and a car once transformed with Posca paints will be real traffic-stopping that will attract crowds of admirers.


Here’s a YouTuber using Posca pens to customize his xbox controller and model RC car!


Posca loves Skateboard decks!

Some artists have become famous because of the skateboards they have painted.

People have started hanging their favorite skateboards as artworks to be displayed on a wall.

Others use these intricately designed boards daily, making a statement of individuality.

Some artists charge between $90 and 4500 to customize skateboards and have a full order book.

If you want to customize your own skateboard, you can choose to sand down your old skateboard or buy a new blank board for around $35, to which you re-affix your wheels.


Posca Pen Art Ideas
Posca Pen Art Ideas – Lampshades

Are you tired of your plain linen lampshade?

Why not use Posca Paints to customize it and produce a much more exciting shade.

I bet you never thought lampshades would make the list of Posca pen art ideas!

Posca Paints are just perfect for bringing old household fabrics to life.

Perhaps you could paint a tabletop in the same room with a matching design and create a theme in the room.

Turn random objects within the room into a themed set that looks far more valuable.

Shopping Bags / School Bags / Backpacks

Plain linen shopping bags can be purchased for just a couple of dollars and turned into exclusive designer products using Posca Paints.

Turn a boring bag into something that people admire and comment upon when you go out to the store.

Students, turn your boring plain school bag into a one-off exclusive model that reflects your personality.

Crash Helmets

Posca Pen Art Ideas
Posca on Crash Helmets

Posca Paints work well on metal and other hard surfaces.

This ability makes them ideal for producing cool crash helmets that will stand out from the crowd.

You can paint the helmet, let it dry and use it with no other action, however many people choose to cover the paint with a see-through varnish, which is applied once the paint has thoroughly dried, either naturally or by using a hairdryer.

Fridge Doors

Posca Pen Art Ideas
Posca on a Fridge!

Domestic appliances have smooth, plain-colored surfaces, that cover a substantial area.

They are almost designed for someone to come along and create an artwork on the front.

In the past, people beautified these doors with fridge magnets, stickers, and all sorts of items that were affixed to the door.

Now with the advent of Posca Paints, these doors can be used to their full potential as a canvass for your artworks.

Final thought

Whether it be wood, textiles, cardboard, metals, some plastics, pebbles, and virtually any material you will find in the home or on your person, they are all waiting for you to express your personality with Posca paints.

Why settle for boring when you can have your personalized exclusive design.

I have listed a few possible ideas for projects but look around your house and I am sure it will inspire you in ways I have not even thought of.

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