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What is floating medium

What Is Floating Medium? Learn How To Use It Now

What is floating medium? Floating Medium is a commercially produced additive for paint. It is a medium that has a gel-like consistency and is used mostly by watercolor and folk artists to help with painting watercolors and water based paints using a technique called “Floating” to create interesting effects with highlights and shades. This medium…

what can i use instead of masking fluid

What Can I Use Instead Of Masking Fluid – Just Arrived

Masking fluid allows an artist to preserve paper or paint by protecting it from additional layers of paint. Both watercolor and acrylic painters can use masking fluid. However, for artists that don’t like using masking fluid, if you’re wondering what can i use instead of masking fluid then there are several cheap products that can…

minimalist aesthetic flower drawing

The Best Minimalist Aesthetic Flower Drawing Ideas You’ll Love

You want to draw minimalist aesthetic flower drawings but don’t know what they are or how to start. Just about every artist, casual or professional, starts their drawing education with line art. It’s simple, easy, and trains your hand-eye coordination so you can get your idea out of your head and onto paper. Line art,…

print onto watercolor paper

How To Print Onto Watercolor Paper – You’ll Love This

Did you know that you can use an inkjet printer to print onto watercolor paper and paint over it? It is a relatively simple process, and almost anyone can figure it out even without a lot of technical know-how. Additionally, you can make high-quality, professional-looking art prints to sell or share with others. If you are a…

can you gesso over an oil painting

Can You Gesso Over An Oil Painting To Resurface It – Artist Endorsed

Painting is a fantastic pastime. It helps expand the mind, and exercise the hands, and is a great way to expand and grow creativity. Painting with oil paints is a special challenge that not all artists choose to take part in or dabble with. Deciding to scrap an oil painting can be difficult, but can…

what happens if you varnish an oil painting too early

This Is What Happens If You Varnish An Oil Painting Too Early – Expert Tips

Oil paintings are stunning, they are rich in color and vibrancy, and they are a fantastic addition to any painting collection. That being said, they do need to be varnished to protect the surface of the painting and to ensure that the color and richness do not fade. You do need to wait for a…

How To Use Charcoal And Acrylic On Canvas (1)

New – How To Use Charcoal And Acrylic On Canvas – Accomplish This!

Acrylic and charcoal are two very popular mediums used by artists all over the world. But what if I told you that you could use these mediums together on canvas? You would probably be surprised at how well they work together! In this post, I will explain to you how to use charcoal and acrylic…

varnish ruined my painting

Panic! Varnish Ruined My Painting! How To Actually Fix It

It’s happened to all of us. You’re working on a painting, and everything is going well. The colors are perfect, the composition looks great, and you finally get the details just how you want them. Then you go to varnish it and… disaster strikes. Panic! Varnish ruined my painting! The varnish completely changes the look…

using watercolor pencils dry

This is what happens when using watercolor pencils dry – Tested

If you’re an artist, you’re probably always on the lookout for new materials and tools to help you create your work. And if you’re like me, you love trying out new things or trying out old things in a new way. So when my daughter asked what happens when using watercolor pencils dry, I decided…

watercolor pencil brushes 2

Best Watercolor Pencil Brushes You Need To Use Now

Watercolors are one of the most popular mediums for artists. They offer a wide range of possibilities and can be used to create delicate and beautiful pieces of art from landscapes to still lifes to flower paintings. However, like with any other medium, you need the right tools to get the best results. In this…

glazing medium substitute

Best Glazing Medium Substitute – 14 Secrets That Will Get Results

As an artist, you are always searching for the best way to create your work. You have run out of your favorite glazing medium and need something right now or you just want to try something different. And while glazing is often seen as a necessary part of the process, there is no need to…

how to draw eevee easy

How to draw Eevee cute with step by step instructions

So when it came to putting together a tutorial on how to draw Eevee cute, who best to ask than my own little Pokemon obsessed little girl. She has been obsessed with Eevee ever since she discovered Pokemon and has amassed a huge collection of not only toys but her own personal drawings of Eevee….