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How to photograph art

How to Photograph Art for Non Photographers – Best Tested Tips

Every time I took photographs of my art they looked horrible, I couldn’t find a how to guide that was easy to understand as I am not a photographer, so I wrote my own How To Photograph Art for Non Photographers guide. The best way to photograph art is to place the artwork against a […]

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how to become an artist without going to art school

How to become an artist without going to art school – 10 tips listed

Have you ever wondered how some artists make it? You would be surprised to know how many artists have become successful without a formal education at an art school. In this post we tackle how to become an artist without going to art school, find out if it is actually worth the pain and cost […]

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How to make digital art

How to make digital art – the best guide for beginners

Everyone has been a beginner at digital art at some point, when I started exploring digital art it all became a little too confusing for me so this is why I have created the ultimate guide for beginners on how to make digital art. To create digital art, you will need a computer or a […]

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How to Use Pastels on Paper – Great tips and techniques

A medium that has been around for centuries, pastels are easy to use, portable, and can create gorgeous pieces of artwork that truly display your artistic talent. If you already know how to draw with pen, pencils, or charcoal, learning to use pastels may be the next logical step in your growth as an artist. […]

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How to use oil pastel sticks

How to Use Oil Pastel Sticks – Best Tips and Techniques

Containing intensely colored pigments in a stick form with a wax binder and an oil base, oil pastels are a very versatile medium with which both experienced and novice artists can make beautiful drawings. Although they are applied like a crayon to the drawing surface, oil pastels have excellent coverage and can make your drawings […]

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Painting Techniques for Beginners

9 Useful Painting Techniques for Beginners – anyone can use these

There are so many ways to make a painting! If you’re new to painting, this is the perfect time to explore painting techniques for beginners. Exploring the options and becoming familiar with new techniques can help you grow as a painter and develop your own personal style. Exploring techniques also helps you to learn how to […]

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