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Why life drawing is important

Why life drawing is important: Insights To Getting Better

What is life drawing? What are the benefits of taking a life drawing class? These are some of the questions that many people have when they first hear about why life drawing is important. Drawing from real models in front of an audience can be intimidating, but there are many benefits to it. I used […]

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Outline Drawing for Painting

How to Create an Outline Drawing for Painting with expert examples

Creating an outline drawing for painting is an outline or sketch of the painting that you want to create. It helps you plan what colors and values you will be using in your work, which can help with composition, color harmony, and balance. This blog post discusses how to create an outline drawing for a […]

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How to draw a clenched fist

How to draw a clenched fist – 2 ways easy Realistic and Cartoon fist

Knowing how to draw a clenched fist can be an important skill for artists. There are two types of fists that you might want to learn how to draw – the realistic version and the cartoonish (anime) version. It is easy enough for beginners, but i’ll show you some tricks that will help make your […]

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how to make oil paint dry faster

How to make oil paint dry faster naturally and safe

A common question that is asked by artists who paint with oil is “How can I make my paintings dry faster?”. When I first started with oil painting I wasn’t aware that there are many different factors that determined how long it took for a painting to dry. In this post we will cover how to […]

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how to stretch paper for watercolor painting-2 (1)

How to stretch paper for watercolor painting – Only 1 easy way needed

Today we’re going to talk about how to stretch paper for watercolor painting and the best ways to do it. For many artists, stretching paper is one of the most frustrating parts of preparing a work surface; what’s more, there are different methods that can be confusing. We’ll break down the only technique you really […]

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how to draw a color wheel

How to draw a Color Wheel With Colored Pencils – Simple & Easy

A long time ago when you were in an elementary school art class, you may have made a color wheel. At the very least, your art teacher probably showed the class a color wheel and talked about the different kinds of colors that you will find on a color wheel. Besides just learning about the […]

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easy to draw flowers

12 easy to draw flowers for beginners – drawing flowers step by step

Do you want to learn how to draw various types of flowers but are worried they’re just too hard to draw? If you are a beginner at drawing flowers, this is the perfect tutorial for you! In this post you will learn how to draw 12 easy to draw flowers in a few easy steps […]

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How to blend colored pencils with water

How to blend colored pencils with water and 6 other crazy liquids

I love to color, and I know you do too! It’s relaxing. But sometimes it feels like blending coloring pencils the proper way can get a little boring. That’s why I put together this blog post to satisfy the curious minds out there wondering what things you can use to blend your colored pencils with! […]

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layering and blending coloured pencils

Layering and Blending Colored Pencils as a Beginner Artist

Colored pencil layering and blending is a technique that can make your art look more realistic and 3-dimensional. If you are just getting started in this medium, it’s important to lay down the right colors for layering and blending. It may seem like an intimidating process at first but it is actually quite straightforward! In […]

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art pricing guide

Ultimate Art Pricing Guide – How to Price Your Art so it Sells

Once you have laid down your paintbrush and palette, it is time to price your masterpiece. Creating a sensible price structure is essential to a thriving art career. For emerging artists, this may seem an intimidating step; however, there are several guidelines to follow when pricing your art so that it sells. To help you […]

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Charcoal drawing

How to Use Charcoal Sticks for Drawing – Easy Introductory Course

In this article, I’ll cover topics related to how to use charcoal sticks for drawing such as, How do you start a charcoal drawing? What tools are needed for charcoal drawing? Can you erase a charcoal drawing? And so on. This is meant to be an introduction to working with charcoal sticks for drawing. I love […]

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Still life drawing in charcoal

Complete a Still Life Drawing in Charcoal in 4 Steps (too easy)

This blog post is for artists who want to learn how to complete a still life drawing in charcoal. A still life drawing is a great way to start practicing your sketching skills and understanding the basics of perspective. It also provides an opportunity to explore color palettes, shapes, shadows and light angles without having […]

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