Instagram Tips

Instagram Tips

types of subject matter in art

The Best Performing Types Of Subject Matter In Art – Simplified

One of the best things about being an artist is that there are no rules. You can create whatever you want, however, you want. However, this also means that it can be hard to know what to make sometimes. This is especially true if you’re new to art or trying to expand your subject matter….

Best Artists to follow on Instagram

Best artists to follow on Instagram (Unique artists to wow you)

Whenever I search for the best artists to follow on Instagram I keep seeing the same list of names regurgitated over and over in different posts. The most popular artists aren’t always the best artists. In this post I will be listing the best artists to follow on Instagram based on the unique work they…

How to get your art noticed on Instagram

How To Get Your Art Noticed on Instagram – 10x Your Instagram Growth

10x your Instagram growth with these 10 tips. Your Instagram profile needs to do more than just impress your peers. It needs to attract buyers because more collectors are now using this platform to look for new art. Moreover, if you want to learn how to get your art noticed on Instagram, you need to…

Best Image formats for Instagram

Best Image format for Instagram – all image types covered!

You leaned over dangerously on the ledge with your latest mobile device with its high end camera and took an amazingly hi resolution photo for Instagram only to see that the image did not upload to the quality your keen eyes were expecting. If only you had known what the best image format for Instagram…

How to make money as an artist on Instagram

How To Make Money As An Artist On Instagram

Instagram Changed How Artists Played The Game I started selling my own art back in the 90’s, before there was any Instagram, before there was Google, before there was even the internet. All we had, were the gatekeepers running galleries and shady art dealers controlling which artists sell what. The ability to make money as…

Popular Art Hashtags on Instagram

When To Use Art Hashtags on Instagram, you will be surprised

Make your art stand out on Instagram. Popular art hashtags help with discoverability on Instagram. Learn which 30 top art hashtags to use on Instagram plus we go deep into each one. This article was going to be originally be called “What are the 30 best art hashtags to use on Instagram”. I bet you…

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Quick Steps to Getting More Subscribers on Instagram (for Artists)

This applies to most social media platforms including YouTube and I would exclude Facebook as it is not designed for organic growth. It seems so simple yet we see over and over people making the same mistakes. All that effort going to waste when you could be using that time to push out better content….

video formats supported by Instagram

Video formats supported by Instagram – Complete list!

If you ever had the problem where Instagram did not upload your video as expected, chances are the format you uploaded was not the Instagram preferred format. If only you had known what the video formats supported by Instagram were. So what happened? You may be trying to upload an video format that is not…

Best Time to post on instagram

Best Time to Post on Instagram for Artists to get more ❤️

As a long time social media user and especially as an artist who has posted countless works on Instagram over many years, I hear this question quite a lot. I have always wanted to know, what is the Best Time to Post on Instagram for Artists. The short answer is there is not an exact…