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How to photograph art

How to Photograph Art for Non Photographers – Best Tested Tips

Every time I took photographs of my art they looked horrible, I couldn’t find a how to guide that was easy to understand as I am not a photographer, so I wrote my own How To Photograph Art for Non Photographers guide. The best way to photograph art is to place the artwork against a […]

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Benefits of studying art (1)

What Are The Benefits Of Studying Art? What we found is revealing

The arts play a fundamental role in how our society is shaped but have become considered to have no educational value by many people. They believe that studying art is impractical and that children and young adults should put more focus on more practical pursuits in fields such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). […]

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What is resin art

What is Resin Art? Everything you must know when working with Resin

If you ever wondered “what is resin art?” the answer is more simple than you think. Resin art is created when a runny chemical called epoxy resin is combined with various color pigments and additives to produce a blend of unique patterns and textures. The resin mixture gradually hardens (when mixed with a hardener) to […]

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non objective art

What’s The Difference Between Non Objective Art & Abstract Art? ✔

Abstract art and non objective art can often appear to be the same thing to the untrained eye. But there are several key differences between the two that separate them as classifications of art. Abstract art represents reality by changing the subject so that it is completely unrecognizable. Non objective art has no recognizable subject […]

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what is non representational art

What is non representational art? (Best Explained Simply)

Understanding the difference between representational and non representational art is fundamental for your art education and helps you understand the artist’s intention to derive meaning from artworks. So what is non representational art? Non representational art is art that is devoid of any reference to the natural world. It has no subject, and meaning is […]

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Best Artists to follow on Instagram

Best artists to follow on Instagram (Unique artists to wow you)

Whenever I search for the best artists to follow on Instagram I keep seeing the same list of names regurgitated over and over in different posts. The most popular artists aren’t always the best artists. In this post I will be listing the best artists to follow on Instagram based on the unique work they […]

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