30+ Best Friend Drawing Ideas For Girls (Women, Teens and Preteens)

This post was inspired by my daughter and her friends sitting around during their school break, drawing pictures of each other. They thought drawing each other and doing fun girly friend things would be fun.

I asked them what they thought were good ideas and mom also chimed in with her suggestions so here you go, 30 best friend drawing ideas for girls (including women, teenagers and preteens).

best friend drawing ideas - two teenage girls laughing as they draw each other

Best Friend Drawing Ideas For Women, Teens and PreTeens

Drawing with your best friend is a sweet way to show how much they mean to you.

These easy drawing ideas will help you create something special. Keep it simple and fun. Remember, it’s all about celebrating your friendship.

For Women


You and your bestie love fashion, so why not draw yourselves in your favorite outfits? Think of the fun accessories and poses that show off your style.

best friend drawing ideas fashionistas laughing
best friend drawing ideas fashionistas in retro style

Coffee Shop Chat:

Imagine sitting in a cozy cafe with your friend. Draw this scene, with steaming cups of coffee or tea. Show the warmth of your conversation.

two older women having a chat in a coffee shop
best friend drawing ideas of two women having a chat in a coffee shop

Self-Care Spa Day:

Picture a day of relaxation with facials and massages. Draw you and your friend in fluffy robes, enjoying a chill spa day.

two women enjoying a spa day
two women having a drink while at a day spa

Travel Buddies:

Think back on a trip you took together. Draw some of the cool places you saw or the fun foods you tried. Make it a scrapbook page of memories.

3 best friends drawing easy
2 best friends drawing easy on vacation

Career Goals:

Support each other’s dreams! Draw your friend in her dream job setting, and have her do the same for you. It’s a nice way to encourage each other.

2 women supporting each other in their careers laughing


Women lifting up other women is powerful. Create a drawing that shows this strength and support.

two women friends empowering each other
two female friends empowering each other

Outdoor Adventure:

Do you two love nature? Show yourselves hiking, camping, or just enjoying the great outdoors.

2 best friends drawing easy on an outdoor adventure
2 best friends drawing on an outdoor adventure

Musical Harmony:

If music is your thing, draw yourselves playing instruments or singing together. Capture that harmony in your art.

two female friends singing into a microphone
2 female best friends singing into a microphone

Fitness Friends:

Whether it’s yoga, running, or gym time, depict that energy and teamwork in your drawing.

two female friends doing yoga together

Book Club:

For the book lovers, draw a cozy scene of you two surrounded by books, deep in discussion over the latest read.

two female friends reading a book together
two asian female friends reading a book together

For Teenage Girls

BFF Squad Goals:

A stylish group portrait can capture your squad perfectly. Think of cool backgrounds that match your vibe.

bff squad goals 3 female friends teenagers

Teenage Witchcraft:

Get a bit mystical and draw yourselves as modern-day witches. It’s fun and a bit edgy.

teenage girls as witches

High School Adventures:

Those high school moments are gold. Draw scenes from dances, games, or just hanging out.

group of girls hanging out in school

DIY Craft Day:

Picture yourselves getting creative with DIY projects, like making friendship bracelets or decorating your room.

girls making bracelets

Social Media Stars:

Illustrate yourselves as influencers, taking selfies, and creating content for your online followers.

girls pretending to be social media stars
girls pretending to be social media stars anime style

Fashion Runway:

Design fashionable outfits and strut your stuff on a virtual runway.

girls being fashion models

Fantasy Cosplay:

Dress up as your favorite fantasy characters and pose for an epic cosplay photoshoot.

girls pretending to be therian cats

Teenage Detectives:

Imagine yourselves solving mysteries and cracking cases as amateur sleuths.

low fi teenage detective girls
teenage detective girls

Bestie Bonding:

Capture everyday moments of friendship, like sharing secrets, laughing together, or binge-watching TV shows.

teenage girls bonding
two teens watching an ipad together

For Preteen Girls:

Magical Kingdom:

Create a whimsical scene set in a magical kingdom filled with fairies, unicorns, and castles.

Drawing of two preteen best friends in a magical kingdom

Animal Friends:

Illustrate yourselves surrounded by your favorite animals, whether they’re pets or mythical creatures.

two preteen best friend girls surrounded by animals and birds

Princess Tea Party:

Picture yourselves hosting a royal tea party with fancy dresses, tiaras, and delicious treats.

drawing of two preteen girls having a princess tea party

Adventure Playtime:

Draw yourselves embarking on imaginative adventures, like exploring jungles or sailing the high seas.

preteen girls playing adventure time in a jungle edited

Rainbow Dreams:

Create a colorful and dreamy scene filled with rainbows, clouds, and magical creatures.

drawing of two preteen girls having rainbow dreams

Best Friend Clubhouse:

Design a secret clubhouse where you and your friend hang out and share secrets.

drawing of two best friend girls in a secret club house in a tree

Fantasy Garden:

Illustrate yourselves tending to a magical garden filled with enchanted flowers and talking animals.

drawing of two best friends in a secret garden filled with flowers and plants

Junior Scientists:

Imagine yourselves conducting fun science experiments and discoveries in a makeshift laboratory.

drawing of best friends pretending to be scientists

Cartoon Characters:

Draw yourselves as characters in your own cartoon world, complete with wacky adventures.

drawing of two friends as cartoon characters

Dance Party:

Capture the energy and excitement of a dance party, with you and your friend showing off your best moves.

drawing of two friends at a dance party

Creative Best Friend Drawing Ideas

2 best friends drawing easy and having fun

Let’s look at some more creative ways to put your friendship into pictures.

Cartoon Versions of You and Your Best Friend

Imagine turning you and your BFF into cartoon characters. You can go wild here! Think about what makes your friendship special.

Is it the endless ice cream runs or the way you both laugh until you can’t breathe? Draw that! And if you’re stuck for ideas, start with something simple like you both wearing your favorite outfits or doing your favorite activity.

drawing yourself as a cartoon character

Cartoons don’t have to be complicated. Even stick figures can tell a great story if they’re done with love. Look up “best friend drawing ideas easy” or “draw BFF” for some simple starts.

Realistic Portraits and What They Symbolize

If you’re up for a bit of a challenge, why not try drawing realistic portraits of each other? Take your time to capture all the details that make your friend unique.

And while you’re at it, think about adding symbols that show what they mean to you.

Maybe you include their favorite flower or an object representing an inside joke only you two understand. This can be a nice way to show how well you know each other.

If you’re looking for “best friend drawings” or “2 best friends drawing that are easy,” you’ll find examples that can guide you without making things too complicated.

realistic portrait of two girls

Silhouettes Highlighting Your Bond

twin sisters drawing silhouettes of each other

For something a bit different, why not draw silhouettes of you and your friend? This can be a cool, artsy way to show your bond.

You could draw your silhouettes doing something you love together, like dancing or watching the sunset.

The cool part about silhouettes is that you don’t need to worry about getting every feature just right.

It’s more about the feeling and the moment. Plus, silhouettes can look really striking with the right background – think sunset colors or even a night sky filled with stars.

Whether you choose cartoons, realistic portraits, or silhouettes, the key is to make it personal.

Your friend is going to love whatever you come up with because it came from you.

Incorporating Humor and Fun into Your Drawings

Adding a sprinkle of humor and fun into your drawings can transform them from ordinary to unforgettable.

Let’s get those creative juices flowing with ideas that’ll put a smile on your face and make drawing even more enjoyable.

Inside Jokes as Drawing Inspiration

Remember that time you and your best friend couldn’t stop laughing over something silly? That’s gold for your drawing.

Use those inside jokes as inspiration. Think of a funny moment or a private joke only you two get. Maybe it was a funny accident, a misheard word, or a quirky habit.

Draw that scene. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s the emotion and the shared memory that count. These drawings are not just fun; they tell your unique story as friends.

2 girls sharing an inside joke as they draw

Caricatures to Capture Your Friend’s Quirks

Your friend’s quirks make them special. So, why not highlight these in caricatures? Caricatures are great for exaggerating those funny, unique features we love about our friends.

Got a friend who always wears oversized glasses? Or one who can’t go a day without their signature hat?

Draw it, but make those glasses or that hat comically large. This playful exaggeration isn’t just funny; it’s a creative nod to what makes your friend who they are.

Dynamic Poses That Tell a Story

Think about drawing your friend in action. Choose a pose that tells a story. Maybe they’re leaping over a puddle, making a dramatic gesture, or caught mid-laugh.

Dynamic poses add energy and life to your drawings. They can also capture your friend’s personality. Is your friend always on the move, full of energy?

Show that. Does your friend have a flair for the dramatic? Draw them in a pose that says just that. Remember, the aim is to capture the essence of the moment and the bond you share.

Tips for Drawing from Photographs

Turning a favorite photo of you and your best friend into a drawing? Sounds like a fun project! Let’s make sure you start off on the right foot with some handy advice.

Choosing the Right Photo to Sketch

First things first, picking the right photo is key. Look for one that really shows what your friendship is all about.

Maybe it’s a snap where you’re both laughing until you can’t breathe, or perhaps it’s a quiet moment where you’re both just chilling.

It should be clear, not too busy, and have good lighting so you can see all the details. Remember, cute and easy works best, especially if you’re just starting out.

Techniques for Accurate Proportions and Likeness

Getting your drawing to look just like you and your friend can seem tough, but don’t sweat it. Start with simple shapes to map out the body and face. A circle for the head, lines for the arms and legs, that sort of thing.

Use the photo to check where everything should go. For faces, pay attention to where the eyes, nose, and mouth are in relation to each other.

Oh, and don’t forget to keep looking back at your photo reference. It’s like having a cheat sheet!

Using Photo References Creatively

This is where the fun really starts. You’ve got your basic drawing down, but why not jazz it up? Play around with the background or add in some of your favorite things.

Love pizza? Draw yourselves eating a giant pizza. Dream of traveling together? Sketch in some famous landmarks in the background.

This is your chance to make your drawing unique. Go wild with colors or keep it simple with pencil shades. Whatever you do, make it scream “us”.

two girl friends eating pizza photo reference

Collaborative Drawing Ideas With Your Best Friend

Working on a drawing with your best friend can be a blast. Here are some fun ideas to try out together.

Completing a Drawing Together Step-by-Step

Why not create a masterpiece by tackling a drawing step by step? Start by picking something you both love.

It could be anything from your favorite food to a memorable place. One of you sketches the outline, and the other fills in the colors.

Or, take turns adding details until you’re both happy with it. This way, you both get to leave your mark on the drawing, making it a true blend of your artistic styles.

Combining Different Art Styles in One Drawing

Imagine mixing your art style with your best friend’s in one drawing. If one of you loves drawing in a realistic style and the other prefers cartoons, combine them!

You could draw a scene where a cartoon character walks into a realistic world.

This mix can create something genuinely unique, showcasing how different styles can come together beautifully, just like your friendship.

Drawing Each Other’s Favorite Things

You know what your best friend loves, right? Try drawing each other’s favorite things. It’s a fun way to show how well you know each other.

If your friend adores cats, draw the cutest kitten for them. If they can’t live without their morning coffee, sketch a steaming coffee cup.

You can even turn these drawings into a birthday card or a surprise gift. It’s a sweet way to celebrate your friendship and the little things that make your bestie happy.

By trying these ideas, you and your best friend can share laughs, improve your drawing skills, and create memories that are as colorful and unique as your drawings.

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