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What is Tonalism in art

What is Tonalism in art – a simple explanation with examples

What is Tonalism in art? There is a lot of confusion about what Tonalism actually means. People often use the term “tonalism” when they are referring to other styles, such as realism or impressionism. It’s difficult for people to understand that there is an actual style called Tonalism and it has its own rules and…

Composition in art

Why is composition important in art – an easy explanation

Why is composition important in art? Making great art is important, but making it look good is just as important. How can you make your art stand out? You do it by applying the elements of design and composition. Composition plays a big role in creating a masterpiece that people will remember. This article teaches…

What Is a Thumbnail Sketch and What Is Its Purpose

What Is a Thumbnail Sketch and What Is Its Purpose? Easily draw your own

Have you ever wanted to paint or draw something but weren’t sure how to start? Have you considered creating a thumbnail sketch? If you ever wonder what a thumbnail sketch is and what is its purpose is you’re in the right place. Thumbnail sketches are a great way to plan out your composition before you…

Symmetrical balance in art

What is Symmetrical Balance in art? Examples and why it’s important

Do you want to learn what is symmetrical balance in art? You might not realize it at first glance but nearly every piece of artwork has some form of symmetry within its composition. Whether it’s an image with two halves that mirror each other or an architectural structure with identical windows on both sides, symmetry…

Setting artist goals

Artist Goals – What Every Artist Needs to Do to Become Successful

There are many artist goals that a beginner artist should set and achieve in order to become successful. In this post, we will cover the key goals that any artist, beginner, or experienced needs to focus on. Starting with a summary of 5 examples of artist goals below we will then expand on these and…

how to paint sneakers

How to paint sneakers – Best paints and techniques explained

There are many different techniques for how to paint sneakers. Whether you want to customize an old pair, or just do a quick touch-up on a new shoe, there is something here for everyone. I’ll share how I paint my shoes and the best paints and methods that I’ve found. You can also check out…