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things to paint on

9 Things to paint on explored. What are painting substrates in art?

What are painting substrates in art? There is a lot of confusion about what these are, put simply a painting substrate is the painting surface such as canvas, paper, linen, etc. Substrates are the things to paint on. There is also confusion about the different types of painting substrates and what they are used for. …

alla prima painting

What is Alla Prima painting? All your questions explained (easy)

When you’re an artist, it’s hard to find the time and space for your art. You want to create something beautiful but also have a job, family, or other responsibilities that get in the way. With Alla Prima painting you can work on one piece of art until it is finished instead of having to…


What is Scumbling? Dry brush painting technique easily explained

The technique of scumbling is a painting process that involves applying paint with the brush over an existing layer to create a blurring effect that blends color, light and shade effects. Scumble artists are always looking for new ways to create unique effects in their work and find tutorials that tell them how great this…

Stippling art

What is Stippling art? Get inspired and Get Started (with examples)

Stippling is a technique that has been around for centuries, but it’s not well known, even I had to look it up when I heard about it. Therefore it’s not surprising that the majority of people don’t know what stippling art is, and if they do, they think it’s boring or too difficult to try…

how to seal pencil drawings

How to Seal Pencil Drawings the Correct and Easy Way

You’ve just finished a sketch and now you need to know how to protect your drawing from smudging and the elements. There are several ways that you can fix your drawings using fixative sprays and even hairspray (just don’t!), but did you know there are other methods that don’t use a spray? Before releasing hairspray…

sad painting ideas

Sad painting ideas, the best to make (7 listed)

Sad paintings are a thing. I know it’s weird, but they really are everywhere. You see them in homes and businesses all over the world. They’re hanging on the walls of people who don’t even like sad things or have anything to do with clowns or little girls in fields. So what gives? In this…