Being a part of the digital media sector, acknowledges that the risks associated with modern slavery are relatively low. Nevertheless, under the leadership of our CEO, Joseph Colella, we recognize the inherent responsibility to adopt a stringent stance towards slavery and human trafficking. is wholeheartedly committed to averting slavery and human trafficking within its corporate framework and ensuring that our supply chains remain devoid of such inhumane practices.

Organizational Structure and Supply Chains

This statement encompasses the activities undertaken by is a front-running digital media business, supplying art industry services, training content and physical and digital artworks. Our strategies are intricately designed around people’s needs.

We encompass a broad spectrum of media planning, creation and buying, with specialized teams devoted to client servicing, publishing, digital platforms, data analysis, and content production.

Our primary suppliers include media proprietors, research firms, and software service providers, operating in industries where modern slavery is not a prevalent issue.

Currently, our operations are based in Australia.

Relevant Policies

Our Director of People & Culture meticulously drafts policies that echo the ethical stance and values of across all spectrums. Each policy receives the endorsement of our Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Colella.

Outlined below are the policies which elucidate our methodology towards identifying risks of modern slavery and the measures adopted to obliterate slavery and human trafficking within our operations:

  • Whistleblowing Policy: Encouraging all our employees, clients, and business associates to voice any concerns related to our direct activities or supply chains, especially circumstances that may heighten the risk of slavery or human trafficking.
  • Employee Handbook and Induction: The Handbook delineates the expected conduct and actions of employees while representing It underscores our aspiration to uphold the pinnacle of ethical behavior and employee conduct, both domestically and internationally, inclusive of managing our supply chain.
  • Recruitment/Agency Workers Policy: Utilizing only distinguished and reputable employment agencies for sourcing labor, with a thorough verification of the practices of any new agency before collaborating.

Due Diligence

An exhaustive due diligence process is conducted when contemplating new suppliers, and a regular review of existing suppliers is carried out to ensure adherence to our anti-slavery standards.

Chief Executive Officer Approval

This statement has received the approval of our Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Colella, who will review and update it on an annual basis to ensure its continued relevance and compliance.