Last Updated: October 7, 2023

  1. Introduction
    • (“we”, “our”, or “the Company”) uses cookies on the website.
  2. What Are Cookies
    • Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. They are created by websites you visit or by third-party services used by those websites. Here’s a breakdown of their main characteristics and uses:
    • Identification and Authentication:
      • Cookies help websites remember you, your login state, and your preferences over time. This can make your interactions with websites smoother and more personalized.
    • Session Management:
      • They are used to maintain users’ sessions, such as keeping you logged in as you navigate through a website or remember what items you’ve placed in a shopping cart.
    • Tracking and Analytics:
      • Cookies can track users’ behaviors on websites, such as which pages you visited, how much time you spent on each page, and what links you clicked on. This data can be used for analytics, performance monitoring, and improving the user experience.
    • Advertising:
      • They can be used to deliver personalized advertisements based on your browsing history or demographics. Advertisers can use cookies to track the effectiveness of their ad campaigns.
    • Types of Cookies:
      • Session Cookies: These are temporary and are deleted once you close your browser.
      • Persistent Cookies: These remain on your device until you delete them or they expire.
      • First-Party Cookies: Created by the website you’re visiting.
      • Third-Party Cookies: Created by other websites or services, typically used for analytics and advertising purposes.
    • Privacy Concerns:
      • Some people find the use of cookies invasive, especially when used for advertising and tracking purposes. This concern has led to the development of laws and regulations, such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy Directive, which require websites to obtain consent before using certain types of cookies.
    • Managing Cookies:
      • Most web browsers allow you to manage cookies by changing your settings to accept, reject, or delete cookies. You can usually find these settings in the options or preferences menu of your browser.
  3. How We Use Cookies
    • At, we are committed to providing a transparent and user-friendly experience. While our website itself does not use cookies, our advertising partners utilize cookies to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of our advertising campaigns.
    • Advertising Optimization:
      • Our ad managers use cookies to deliver more relevant advertisements to our users. Cookies help in understanding user preferences based on previous or current site activity, enabling our advertising partners to better tailor advertisements to user interests.
    • Performance Metrics:
      • Cookies assist in analyzing how our advertisements perform. They help gather data on metrics such as the number of clicks, which provides insight into the effectiveness of our advertising strategies.
    • User Experience:
      • While cookies are primarily used for advertising purposes, they indirectly contribute to a more personalized user experience by helping us offer advertisements that are more relevant to our users.
  4. Your Choices Regarding Cookies
    • You have the option to manage cookies through your browser settings. You can choose to block cookies or receive a warning when cookies are being sent. However, if you choose to decline cookies, it may affect your experience with the advertisements displayed.
  5. Third-Party Cookies
    • The cookies utilized are third-party cookies, managed by our advertising partners. We ensure that our partners adhere to legal and best practice guidelines regarding the use of cookies.
  6. Changes to This Cookies Policy
    • Statement that the Cookies Policy may be updated from time to time and the method of notifying users about changes.
  7. Contact Us
    • Contact information for users who have questions about the Cookies Policy.