when making an intaglio print

When making an intaglio print.. don’t make these 15 mistakes

When starting out in intaglio printmaking, it’s easy to make mistakes that can ruin your prints. Many artists new to the medium make common mistakes that can easily be avoided with some basic research. By following these simple guidelines, you can avoid making costly mistakes and produce beautiful prints every time. Before we dive into…

what is monoprinting in art (1)

What is Monoprinting in Art and why you need to try it out now

What is Monoprinting in art? Monoprinting in art is a process of making one-off prints as part of your artwork. It’s what you do when you want to make an original drawing using ink or paint and then print it as part of the same artmaking process. This is not to be confused with making…

Difference between a Giclee and a Print

What is the Difference Between a Giclee and a Print? (Giclee printing)

Giclee Definition: Giclee printing is a method of printing art on canvas or archival paper using pigment based inks on a commercial inkjet printer. Art prints are usually printed on paper or card based surfaces using a dye based ink. Dye based ink does not stick well to canvas and it is not thick like…

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How to tell if a Lithograph is real, or is it a print?

The answer to the question “how to tell a real lithograph from a print?” assumes you mean a mechanical print versus an artists’ hand-made lithograph print. This requires some magnification of the image because a lithographic ‘plate’ which is used to create the printed image is usually hand-made by an artist. Under magnification you can…

Making art prints at Staples

Making Art Prints At Staples; All Your Questions Answered!

Making art prints at Staples means you are using office printers instead of art or museum quality printers (e.g. Giclee printing). Office printing, such as what you would get when you are making art prints at Staples; are not high quality art prints but you can come close with the information in this article. If…

Can art prints be valuable

Are Art Prints Worth Anything? Or Are You Wasting Your Money

As a collector of art prints and as an artist who produces my own art prints for sale, I am personally on the fence about this question, many times I have wanted to buy a print and I ask myself “are art prints worth anything”? There are many reasons as to why art prints can…