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what is non representational art

What is non representational art? (Best Explained Simply)

Understanding the difference between representational and non representational art is fundamental for your art education and helps you understand the artist’s intention to derive meaning from artworks. So what is non representational art? Non representational art is art that is devoid of any reference to the natural world. It has no subject, and meaning is […]

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Best Artists to follow on Instagram

Best artists to follow on Instagram (Unique artists to wow you)

Whenever I search for the best artists to follow on Instagram I keep seeing the same list of names regurgitated over and over in different posts. The most popular artists aren’t always the best artists. In this post I will be listing the best artists to follow on Instagram based on the unique work they […]

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Best Art books for beginners

8 Best Art Books For Beginners

If you’re trying to learn how to paint or draw but have no background in art, it is possible to teach yourself all of the techniques behind the craft. But you’re going to need some help. Covering the main topic areas I believe will make a well rounded artist these are a must-read. I could […]

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Painting Techniques for Beginners

9 Useful Painting Techniques for Beginners – anyone can use these

There are so many ways to make a painting! If you’re new to painting, this is the perfect time to explore painting techniques for beginners. Exploring the options and becoming familiar with new techniques can help you grow as a painter and develop your own personal style. Exploring techniques also helps you to learn how to […]

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How to make a painting

How to Make a Painting – Easy Steps plus 9 Pro tips

I think painting is both relaxing and rewarding, but if you’ve never painted before, the process can seem overwhelming. In this article, I’ve discussed how to make a painting as a step-by-step tutorial, including which painting materials to use. I’ve also written a list of 9 pro tips at the end that will take your […]

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illustration trends

5 New illustration trends in 2021 to inspire you

In this post I will be covering the top 5 new illustration trends that will inspire you to produce new and unique works of art that art fans will love. The new illustration trends for 2021 are Art On Diversity, Minimalism, Throwback Everyday, Animation and Sustainability. When researching the trends for 2021, I wanted to […]

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Best Scanner For Artists

Best scanner for artists and artworks (2021 Models)

Thinking of sharing your art online, or even sending it off to make some professional quality prints? It’s possible to make money doing what you love – making beautiful works of art – but you need the right tools to accomplish that. Without the right scanner, it doesn’t matter which medium you’re using; from paint […]

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What is NFT Crypto Art

What Is NFT Crypto Art? This Will Now Blow Your Mind!

What is NFT Crypto art? NFT Art is digital art that is signed and backed by an NFT. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. What is a Non Fungible Token you ask, it is a weird term to describe a unique digital signature backed by blockchain technology that verifies the ownership of something.  The same way […]

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wastedtalentinc logo acabado

Should I Quit Being An Artist? Overcome Your Mind

When an artist is asking themself “Should I quit being an artist” they already know the answer, and the answer is usually “No!”. They do not want to quit, they are looking for reasons to continue and that is what I will give you here. What an artist is looking for when asking this question […]

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Most Expensive painting ever stolen

Most expensive painting ever stolen (is it still missing?)

The most expensive painting ever stolen was The Concert by Vermeer. The painting was displayed at the ISABELLA STEWART GARDNER Museum, who owned the work but could not afford to insure it. Had it been insured, no doubt the insurance company would have insisted on better security. The only security was two guards protecting the […]

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What art is in the Louvre

What art is in The Louvre? 20 Must-See artworks to see before you die

In this post I will tell you the top 20 artworks in The Louvre that need to be seen when you visit. I will also tell you where the Mona Lisa is located today (the Mona Lisa is in room 6 of the Denon wing), the names and locations of artworks you sort of know […]

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Art Prizes for Emerging Artists

Art Prizes for Emerging Artists That You Can Actually Win!

In this post I will take you through not only all the art prizes that you can win as an emerging and unknown artist, but I will explain my own personal journey detailing what I did wrong so that you do not make the same mistakes I did. I will also providing suggestions on what […]

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