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Should I Quit Being An Artist? Overcome Your Mind

When an artist is asking themself “Should I quit being an artist” they already know the answer, and the answer is usually “No!”. They do not want to quit, they are looking for reasons to continue and that is what I will give you here. What an artist is looking for when asking this question […]

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Most Expensive painting ever stolen

Most expensive painting ever stolen (is it still missing?)

The most expensive painting ever stolen was The Concert by Vermeer. The painting was displayed at the ISABELLA STEWART GARDNER Museum, who owned the work but could not afford to insure it. Had it been insured, no doubt the insurance company would have insisted on better security. The only security was two guards protecting the […]

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What art is in the Louvre

What art is in The Louvre? 20 Must-See artworks to see before you die

In this post I will tell you the top 20 artworks in The Louvre that need to be seen when you visit. I will also tell you where the Mona Lisa is located today (the Mona Lisa is in room 6 of the Denon wing), the names and locations of artworks you sort of know […]

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Art Prizes for Emerging Artists

Art Prizes for Emerging Artists That You Can Actually Win!

In this post I will take you through not only all the art prizes that you can win as an emerging and unknown artist, but I will explain my own personal journey detailing what I did wrong so that you do not make the same mistakes I did. I will also providing suggestions on what […]

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Making Money Digital Products and Art

14 Ways to Making Money With Digital Art & Digital Products

As an artist and entrepreneur I wanted find a way I could be making money with digital art and digital products; earning a passive income from my art. I researched ways I could make money from my existing artworks without having to make and sell original works each and every single time. The problem was […]

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How Much Does It Cost To Commission a Portrait?

How Much Does a Portrait Drawing Cost?

You have finally decided to commission an artist to paint that portrait you always wanted. But you have never done this before so you have a few questions you want answered. The main question you will be asking is “how much does a portrait drawing cost?” but there should be more questions. Read on to […]

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