What Is Co Exhibitions? Minneapolis Art Space for Exhibiting Artists

CO Exhibitions is a dynamic and expansive exhibition space situated in Northeast Minneapolis.

This large-scale venue, encompassing over 2000 square feet with towering walls over 20 feet high, mobile walls, and adaptable ceilings, is jointly owned and operated by Burlesque of North America and Permanent Art & Design Group.

(The link to Burlesque is provided at the end of this article.)

It stands out for its commitment to thematic multimedia exhibitions that are collaboratively developed with artists, designers, and curators.

The name “CO” is deeply rooted in the venue’s principles. Derived from the prefix “co-“, which implies a partnership or association, it reflects the collaborative essence of the space.

CO Exhibitions dedicates itself to working closely with each artist, designer, or curator, acting as a resource in developing and fabricating their visions.

Co Exhibition Space

This partnership-centric approach is central to transforming the gallery into a venue for ambitious multimedia spectacles.

CO Exhibitions’ unique features include:

  • Versatile Space: The expansive area with high ceilings and flexible wall arrangements allows for a wide range of exhibition layouts and designs.
  • Multimedia Focus: The venue emphasizes thematic exhibitions incorporating various media, creating immersive experiences.
  • Collaborative Approach: True to its name, CO focuses on collaboration with artists, designers, and curators, ensuring each exhibition is a shared vision.
  • Comprehensive Resources: Facilities include screenprinting, artist residencies, and robust media outreach campaigns, providing comprehensive support for exhibitions.
  • Diverse Exhibition Types: The space hosts a range of exhibitions, including solo, duo, group, institutional, museum, retrospective, art event, online, and collective exhibitions.
  • Community Engagement: Exhibitions serve as public events for businesses to promote their products, for artists to reach broader audiences, and for community interaction and feedback.

CO Exhibitions, with its extensive resources and collaborative ethos, not only serves as a platform for artistic expression and business promotion but also as a pivotal community space for engaging and innovative art experiences.

Burlesque of North America can now be found here.

Co Exhibitions Original Logo
Co Exhibitions Original Logo

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