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How to make a painting

How to Make a Painting – Easy Steps plus 9 Pro tips

I think painting is both relaxing and rewarding, but if you’ve never painted before, the process can seem overwhelming. In this article, I’ve discussed how to make a painting as a step-by-step tutorial, including which painting materials to use. I’ve also written a list of 9 pro tips at the end that will take your […]

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How to use Pastels on Canvas 1

Tips on How to Use Pastels on Canvas – it can be done!

While most people think that canvas is the surface for art media like acrylics and oil paints, other kinds of media can also be used on canvas to create beautiful and interesting pieces of artwork. One such media that may be used on canvas is pastel. While traditionally, pastels are used on special pastel paper, using […]

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How to use Pastel Sticks

How to use Pastel Sticks to Create Artwork

One of the oldest artist’s mediums, pastels produce vivid colored drawings with a minimum of equipment. They are perfect for taking along on a trip or just for stepping out of the studio for the day. You can get started drawing with pastels with just a handful of items that are available at low cost.  […]

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How to sketch a face

How To Sketch A Face in 8 Easy Steps (for Beginners)

In this post, I will introduce you to the best tips on how to sketch a face in 8 steps. Learning how to sketch a face can overwhelming if you don’t know where to start or know what to do, but with my easy tips, and lots of practice, you will master this skill quickly. It […]

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How to make fan art

Beginners Guide on How to make Fan Art that’s kickass

In this post I will share with you the top 5 tips you need to follow so that you can start as a beginner, how to make fan art that’s kickass, from laying the groundwork, developing a style, stealing from others, removing all fear and sharing what you make with the world. The best artists […]

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How to draw braids 1

How to draw braids easy (with pictures and 1 video)

Learn how to draw braids using my easy to follow steps. If you can draw rectangles then you can draw braids. Step by step images and a video to help you.

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