Take Our Art Personality Quiz Now- The Am I Artistic Quiz

Apart from being a little fun, taking an art personality quiz offers numerous benefits.

It helps you discover your unique artistic style, understand your creative process, and connects you with famous artists sharing your creative personality.

These quizzes are tools for self-discovery, highlighting how you interpret the world of visual art and assisting in embedding your work within the right cultural context.

They offer a clearer understanding of your place in the realm of creative expression, potentially opening up new artistic avenues.

Additionally, they provide insights into your individual preferences and can help align your art with specific periods, artists and art styles.

Take Our Art Personality Quiz

What Kind Of Art Personality Am I Quiz

For each question, note down which one most applies to you.

What motivates your art?

(A) – I like solving practical problems or improving functionality.

(B) – I love the process of creating something beautiful and perfect.

(C) – I like making art that expresses unique, individual perspectives or emotions.

(D) – I like organizing complex ideas into a coherent structure.

How do you prefer to work?

(A) – Independently, using hands-on techniques.

(B) – With meticulous attention to detail, often alone.

(C) – In a way that allows for personal expression and intensity.

(D) – In a structured environment, focusing on precision.

What describes your approach to new projects?

(A) – Practical and resourceful, looking for functional solutions.

(B) – Striving for perfection and beauty in every detail.

(C) – Seeking unique, non-conventional approaches.

(D) – Methodical and systematic, ensuring every part is in place.

How do you handle feedback or criticism?

(A) – See it as a challenge to improve functionality.

(B) – Use it to refine and perfect the work.

(C) – Prefer to stay true to personal vision, may struggle with compromise.

(D) – Analyze it thoroughly to make precise improvements.

What inspires your creativity?

(A) – Everyday problems and practical needs.

(B) – The inherent beauty and potential in materials.

(C) – Inner emotions, dreams, and personal experiences.

(D) – Organized systems, patterns, and detailed planning.


If you answered mostly

(A) – You have an Artisan Personality

(B) – You have a Craftsperson Personality

(C) – You have a Sculptor Personality

(D) – You have a Weaver Personality

You can have a bit of each or more of some. Nobody is 100% one personality type.

Artisan Personality

artisan personality
  • You don’t have to be an artisan to have an artisan personality. You can be a painter, sculptor, digital artist etc.
  • Artisans are creative, resourceful, and practical. They are skilled with their hands and enjoy using tools and materials.
  • Known for their problem-solving abilities, artisans often find creative solutions to challenges and prefer working independently or offering guidance to others.
  • Their appreciation for art, music, and self-expression is strong, even if they are not always the most outgoing​​.
  • This artist focuses on practical, functional art, or enjoys working with their hands in a hands-on, practical manner.

Examples of artwork: An intricately designed wooden table that serves both aesthetic and practical purposes, showcasing craftsmanship and utility.

Sample Artist: Leonardo da Vinci, known for his practical inventions and hands-on approach to art and science.

Best Art Style: Best suited to periods like the Renaissance or the Arts and Crafts movement, where functionality, craftsmanship, and practical beauty were emphasized.

Craftsperson Personality

craftsperson personality
  • You don’t have to be an craftsperson to have an craftsperson personality. You can be a painter, sculptor, digital artist etc.
  • The craftsperson is creative, takes pride in their work, and enjoys working with their hands.
  • They are often perfectionists and have a strong sense of intuition, allowing them to see potential in things that others might not notice.
  • Craftspersons have a rich inner life, enjoy exploring their imagination, and are typically loyal and supportive to those they care about​​.
  • This artist is meticulous, pays great attention to detail, and aims for perfection in their work, focusing on beauty and craftsmanship.

Examples of artwork: A close-up of an elaborately embroidered fabric, displaying fine needlework and vibrant colors.

Sample Artist: Gustav Klimt, renowned for his meticulous, detailed, and ornate paintings.

Best Art Style: Aligns well with the Art Nouveau or Rococo periods, known for their intricate designs, attention to detail, and emphasis on aesthetic beauty.

Sculptor Personality

craftperson personality
  • You don’t have to be an sculptor to have an sculptor personality. You can be a painter, digital artist etc.
  • Sculptors are characterized by creativity, sensitivity, and a strong need for self-expression. They are highly individualistic, often feeling misunderstood by others.
  • Sculptors have a deep appreciation for beauty and aesthetics and are usually very passionate about their work.
  • Perfectionism is common among sculptors, who often struggle to fit into traditional work environments or social situations due to their intensity and sensitivity.
  • They may prefer working alone or in small groups where they can better express themselves.
  • This artist has a unique, expressive, and individualistic style, often creating works that are abstract, emotional, or unconventional.

Examples of artwork: An abstract sculpture with fluid, dynamic forms and a surreal appearance, embodying individualistic and emotional expression.

Sample Artist: Salvador Dalí, famous for his surreal, expressive, and highly individualistic artworks.

Best Art Style: Fits with Surrealism or Abstract Expressionism, where individual expression, emotional depth, and unconventional approaches are celebrated.

Weaver Personality

weaver personality
  • You don’t have to be an weaver to have an weaver personality. You can be a painter, sculptor, digital artist etc.
  • According to the Myers-Briggs personality test, Weavers are known for being watchful, meticulous, and continually learning.
  • They crave security and stability, often coming across as perfectionists due to their detail-oriented nature.
  • Weavers are deep thinkers, natural leaders, and can remain calm under pressure, making quick and clear decisions even in crisis situations​.
  • This artist prefers structured, methodical approaches, and demonstrates meticulous planning and organization in their work.

Examples of artwork: A digital artwork featuring geometric patterns and structured designs, showcasing a meticulous, organized, and methodical approach.

Sample Artist: Piet Mondrian, recognized for his methodical and structured approach to art, particularly in creating geometric compositions.

Best Art Style: Corresponds with movements like Constructivism or De Stijl, which are known for their structured, methodical, and often geometric approaches to art.

What did you think? Did you see any surprises in your art personality? Leave some comments below and let me know.

Why You Should Take an Art Personality Quiz

Discover Your Artistic Style

You might love dabbling in watercolors or sketching cityscapes. An art personality quiz reveals your unique artistic preferences and connects them with your style.

Understand Your Creative Process

Every artist’s approach to creating is distinct. A quiz can pinpoint how you navigate the creativity maze, matching you with famous artists who share your creative personality.

Taking an art quiz isn’t just for kicks. It’s a self-guided discovery tool that can spotlight individual differences in how you see and interpret the world of visual art.

Knowing your art persona is key to exploring various art periods. The insights help embed your work in the right cultural context, elevating your overall artistic content.

You get to walk away with a clearer picture of where you fit in the vast landscape of creative expression. No more guessing what makes you tick; these quizzes lay it out for you.

With every question and choice in these quizzes, you’re not just picking options. You’re piecing together the puzzle that is your own art journey.

And who knows? You might just find yourself relating to a whole new realm of art you never considered before.

Taking the Art Personality Quiz

Art personality quizzes offer insight into your unique artistic preferences and style. They’re a self-guided discovery tool to understand your creativity and art persona.

Answer Honestly and Intuitively

When you take an art personality quiz, respond with your gut feelings. Immediate reactions often reveal your true creative personality.

Understand Individual Differences

Each artist varies in technique and expression. Quizzes highlight these individual differences, aligning you with like-minded famous artists or art periods.

Discover Your Art Persona

Your quiz results can clarify the content and style you naturally gravitate towards.

You might uncover unexpected connections to certain cultural contexts or artistic movements.

Align with Artistic Preferences

Through your answers, you’ll better understand your artistic preferences.

Recognize the forms and themes that resonate deeply with you and explore them further.

Explore Creative Identity

Art quizzes serve as a mirror reflecting your visual art inclinations. They can pinpoint aspects of your creativity that you’ve not yet fully embraced.

Connect with Art Periods and Cultural Context

Results may align you with specific art periods or cultural settings.

This can be key to fostering a deeper appreciation for the broader scope of visual art history.

Remember: there’s no right or wrong in art, only what’s true for you.

Embrace the journey of uncovering your artistic self through these engaging quizzes. Keep exploring to refine and expand your creative horizons.

Understanding Your Quiz Results

Uncover the layers of your artistic self with the insights from art personality quizzes.

They’re not just a fun activity but a journey into the heart of your creativity.

Embrace the results—they’re a reflection of your unique art persona and a stepping stone to mastering your craft.

Whether you align with the Impressionists’ delicate strokes or the boldness of the Abstract Expressionists, these quizzes help you pinpoint your natural inclinations.

Take this newfound knowledge; let it guide your exploration and growth in the vast world of art. Keep experimenting, learning, and evolving—your artistic journey has just begun.

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