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How to clean oil paint brushes

How To Clean Oil Based Paint Brushes Safely

Chances are your paint brushes are a large investment and you want to protect that investment after each use. Whether you are painting a house or are an artist, oil based paints and brushes share some quite common ingredients and materials and the cleaning techniques will work for either. In this article, we will be […]

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How to refill Copic Markers

How to Refill Copic Markers Including the Copic Blender

Over the years I have spent hundreds if not close to a thousand dollars collecting a huge range of Copic markers. Sadly I threw many away before learning that they could be refilled and refilled quite cheaply compared to purchasing a new Copic marker. If only someone had shown me how to refill Copic markers, […]

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How to write an artist biography

How to write an artist biography with examples you can use

Writing an Artist biography is probably one of the hardest things I have had to write. If you are reading this then I assume you are struggling with this as well. In this post we will attempt to answer many questions I have asked myself while providing some real world artist biography examples that you […]

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How to make money as an artist on Instagram

How To Make Money As An Artist On Instagram

Instagram Changed How Artists Played The Game I started selling my own art back in the 90’s, before there was any Instagram, before there was Google, before there was even the internet. All we had, were the gatekeepers running galleries and shady art dealers controlling which artists sell what. The ability to make money as […]

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How To Erase Posca Markers

How To Erase Posca Markers on most surfaces – check out the list

How to erase Posca Markers on Most Surfaces – Having used Uni Posca Markers (also known as Posca Paint Pens) at home and in the studio for many years, and letting my 6 year old play with them I can tell you that I have had a lot of experience cleaning up after using them […]

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How to tell if a Lithograph is real, or is it a print?

The answer to the question “how to tell a real lithograph from a print?” assumes you mean a mechanical print versus an artists’ hand-made lithograph print. This requires some magnification of the image because a lithographic ‘plate’ which is used to create the printed image is usually hand-made by an artist. Under magnification you can […]

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