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How to draw a galaxy

How To Draw A Galaxy (Learn Drawing From The Best)

In this post you will learn how to draw a galaxy using some very easy techniques that I learned as a kid and perfected as an adult. They are so simple you will not believe it. Follow these steps and you’ll be the master galaxy drawer in no time! I like to use a variety […]

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How to draw bangs

How to Draw Bangs Easy (Pictures and Steps)

Learning how to draw bangs can be a challenge, especially when you realise that most hair styles have some form of bangs these days and that bangs are as popular with boy’s hair styles as they are with girls. Bangs are also very popular in anime drawing so learning to draw bangs is a must […]

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How to Draw Crystals

How to draw Crystals in 7 simple steps as tested by my 8 year old

In this post I will show you how to draw realistic crystals that nobody else is drawing. I’ll be showing you how to draw crystals in 7 simple steps that even my daughter can follow. Skip ahead to How to Draw Crystals Step By Step if you want to get straight to drawing. Every weekend […]

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How to make art gallery labels

How to make Art Gallery Labels in a day like a Pro

All you will need to make Art Gallery labels is paper or card, glue and an inkjet or laser printer. At a minimum, all you really need are a couple of good quality markers like Copic markers or Sakura Micron pens instead of a printer. In any case, making art gallery labels is much easier […]

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How to clean oil paint brushes

How To Clean Oil Based Paint Brushes Safely

Chances are your paint brushes are a large investment and you want to protect that investment after each use. Whether you are painting a house or are an artist, oil based paints and brushes share some quite common ingredients and materials and the cleaning techniques will work for either. In this article, we will be […]

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How to refill Copic Markers

How to Refill Copic Markers Including the Copic Blender

Over the years I have spent hundreds if not close to a thousand dollars collecting a huge range of Copic markers. Sadly I threw many away before learning that they could be refilled and refilled quite cheaply compared to purchasing a new Copic marker. If only someone had shown me how to refill Copic markers, […]

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