How to Draw Really Good Eyes: Really Really Fast

OK, you don’t want to read pages and pages of instructions so I want to share some of my own really fast steps that make creating realistic eyes a breeze.

Just follow the 6 steps in the image below from left to right, top to bottom and you should be good to start trying some more advanced eye drawing ideas that I prepared earlier.

how to draw a realistic eye step by step

To draw the above eyes really good, you’ll need a good pencil, some patience, and a willingness to erase and try again because no artist nails it on the first try.

Stick with it. Remember, practice makes perfect, or at least pretty really good!

Things to Remember When Drawing Eyes

Take Note of Shading and Highlighting

Shading makes your eye drawing pop and it makes it look realistic. The eyeball has a round shape, so the light hits it differently at various spots.

I usually find a light source in my mind and imagine how it lights up the eye. The part closest to the light will be brighter.

The opposite side gets darker, called a shadow. Highlights are super important too. These are little specks of bright light, and they’ll make your eyes look shiny and alive.

They usually sit on the iris and sometimes on the tear duct.

Remember, the eye’s iris is not a perfect circle in the centre of the eye. It has an eye lid slightly cover the top.

some cool eye drawing ideas

Proportions and Alignment

Getting proportions right means making sure everything is the right size and in the right place.

The space between the eyes is about the size of another eye.

The corners of the eyes, the tear duct and the outer corner, should line up with the nose and the side of the head.

Make sure the eyebrows follow the eye’s shape.

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