Are Posca Pens Toxic? Don’t tell me i’m being poisoned..

If you have read my other articles on you will have seen countless articles on Posca paint pens. They are one of my favorite pens to use for many reasons. The main one is that I know I can let my kids use them and not worry about any toxicity. So are Posca pens toxic? Let’s find out if there is anything else to worry about as I cover many more questions on the subject.

Are Posca Pens Toxic?

No, Posca pens are not toxic. Posca paint pens are acrylic based pens, that means there is no toxic ink inside, no alcohol based ink. 

Just simple water based acrylic paint. 

They are packed with high pigment, they are light fast and have a long lasting ‘ink’.

When they are dry, Posca paint pens are waterproof and resist fading.

They keep their vibrant colors which is why many artists use them as their first choice paint pen when creating art works that pop, on mediums such as glass, wood, plastics and canvas.

If you want to see what artists create with Posca paint pens, then have a look at this article – Posca Pen Art Ideas.

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Now let’s find out if Posca Pens are toxic in other ways.

Do Posca Pens Smell?

Something stinks? Not Posca

Posca paint pens do not have a smell.

It is barely noticeable and is not on the same scale of strong odor as a typical marker like a Sharpie. 

As I have mentioned, the ink is an acrylic based paint and it smells more like a watered down acrylic paint rather than an alcohol based pen.

Are Posca Pens Safe on Skin?

They are as safe on skin as an acrylic paint is safe on skin.

This does not take into account an allergies someone may have. 

Yes some people are allergic to acrylic paints or some of the ingredients that are contained in acrylic paints.

If you are unsure, best to do a very small patch test on a part of your skin such as a foot and see if it starts to come up blotchy or red.

If it does, seek medical advice if you are unsure of the severity.

Another thing you need to be aware of that you should not use Posca paint pens as a cosmetic and if you are a tattooist you should not be using Posca pens for outlining your tattoos.

Best to use Copic markers for tattoo outline work.

Getting Posca on the skin (and then off the skin)

Tattooist Photo by Marcus P. on Unsplash
Photo by Marcus P. on Unsplash

If you get Posca on the skin, unless you are allergic it is no drama to remove. Simply wash off with plain old soap and water and towel dry.

If you get Posca on clothes or other materials, I have a great post which highlights all the ways you can clean Posca paint pens off.

Ingesting Posca Paint or Nib or getting Posca paint in the eyes

Never work with pets and kids they say but sometimes we can’t get around this. If there are children or dogs around then the risk if actually quite higher than usual that one of them will try and either chew a Posca paint pen, get some on their face or in their eyes or try to eat the nib.

If they get Posca paint in their eyes, quickly wash the paint out with running water. 

Follow these guidelines as per the Mayo clinic – whilst Acrylic paint is not dangerous, it is still a chemical and best to be safe than sorry.

If they ingest the nib, this should also pass through without any drama but consult a doctor or vet if you are concerned.

For a child, the choke risk is more of a risk than the actual paint or nib materials causing any poisoning.

I never let my kids use Posca paint pens alone and I am always supervising – not because I am worried about toxicity but I do not want them redecorating the room or themselves!

Do Posca paint pens contain Xylene?

The simple answer is No. Posca Paint pens do not contain Xylene.

Xylene is a synthetic material that is a byproduct of petroleum. Acrylic based inks do not contain Xylene.

Xylene is used as an efficient solvent for many brands of markers but Posca paint pens simply use water as a solvent.

These days even Sharpies and Artline markers are Xylene free.

Xylene Free
Posca Pens are Xylene Free

Posca paint pens are Acid-Free

Uni Posca paint pens have two main ingredients, water and acrylic paint.

Posca paint pens are acid free.


Rest assured that when someone asks you “Are Posca Pens Toxic?”, you can reply that Posca paint pens are built to be safe and are non-toxic.

You are in no danger working with Posca paint pens on a daily basis. And that is what is expected when you buy a top of the range product, designed to be used by not only professionals but children.

I hope that you found this article to be helpful and reassuring.

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