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How To Erase Posca Markers on most surfaces – check out the list

How to erase Posca Markers on Most Surfaces – Having used Uni Posca Markers (also known as Posca Paint Pens) at home and in the studio for many years, and letting my 6 year old play with them I can tell you that I have had a lot of experience cleaning up after using them or having to erase mistakes i’ve made during a work in progress.

The simple answer to how to erase Posca markers depends on what the Posca markers have been applied to or written on. Being a water based marker, it can be a little easier to clean or erase if the paint is still wet.

On most surfaces you can clean or erase Posca markers with a damp wash cloth, a wet paintbrush if you are retouching a fresh artwork or a blade if you are erasing from glass or metals. If erasing from clothing, then your best bet is to soak the affected area and scrub with soap until clean. You only require waterno solvents such as turpentine are needed

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The following table can assist in determining how to erase Posca markers.

In all cases, you can overwrite a Posca marker with another layer of Posca marker once the first layer is completely dry. Posca markers are opaque and will color over the previous layer quite well. If you are working on a white background, a white Posca marker will cover most colors over but if you must erase or clean up a mistake then:

How to Clean Posca Pens

What Are Posca Markers Uni Posca Markers
My Personal Uni Posca Markers

Uni POSCA paint pens and Posca Markers are odorless, non-toxic water based markers that can write on pretty much all types of materials and surfaces. They are a permanent marker that will write on most porous materials such as cardboard, fabrics, woods, masonry such as brick, concrete and stones. They will also write on non-porous materials such as glass, plastics and metals. I have even used them on top of a dried oil painting to pretend someone had written graffiti over a masterpiece!

They do not require a layer of varnish, resin or fixative to make them permanent but you probably should if you wish to prevent scratching on a high use surface such as a skateboard. They can even be baked and ironed on to increase permanency.

If you need more Posca Pen ideas have a look at my other article Posca Pen Art Ideas.

When Can Posca Markers Be Erased

Uni Posca Marker erase with Q Tip
Uni Posca Marker erase with Q Tip & Water

Being water based markers, Posca markers should be very easy to clean and erase if they are still wet. Once they dry, the level of difficulty increases quite a bit. At that point you need to decide if it is best to erase the work or work over it.

If you are trying to clean up after using Posca markers that have dried then it can still be done but will require a bit more effort. The good news is you will not be stinking up the house or studio with industrial cleaners or turpentine.

Posca markers can be erased or cleaned the most easily when they have been applied to a non porous surface like glass, most plastics and metals. This applies to when they are wet and even dry.

uni posca q tip and make up pad
Uni Posca Marker erase with make-up pad

When Posca markers have been applied to a porous surface then it gets a little harder. When the Posca marker is still wet, it should be fairly easy to clean with water, a good wash cloth or sponge. I have even re-touched some designs while wet with a slightly wet paintbrush.

I tend to treat Posca markers as water based paint in a pen. If you make a mistake, you can paint another layer over the existing one once the main layer is dry. Posca markers can also be blended like paint when both layers are wet or semi-wet so turn a mistake into an opportunity to expand on the art.

Bonus: How To Revive a Dried Up Posca Marker

My 6 year old has a habit most 6 years old have when using pens, colored markers etc. They forget to put the lids back on. This causes many issues, especially with Posca markers.

The first day she used my markers she made my new set dry out completely! When I came home I was unable to use my Posca markers so I spend the next few hours looking online and the fix was quite simple:

  1. If there is still paint left inside the marker, try priming the tip by pushing down over and over on the piston tip until paint starts to flow again.
  2. If the tip is so dry that the paint will not flow, you can actually pull the tip out (cover the open end with plastic to prevent drying) and soak it in warm water for a few minutes and then clean the tip with your fingers to remove most of the dried paint. Pat the tip dry with a clean disposable cloth, push the tip back in and re-prime it with the pushing down action. This should get the paint flowing again.
  3. The tips are also reversible, so if one end is dry you can swap it around and try that. All failing; you can order new tips.

If you would like to learn more from the Posca manufacturer click here

If you are interested in buying Posca markers on Amazon click here

Hope you found this guide super helpful, if you did please share!

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Are Posca markers permanent?

While Posca Markers are water based markers, they are only permanent when applied to porous surfaces such as wood or clothing materials. With materials, the painted area needs to be ironed to make it properly permanent.

Are Posca markers washable?

Yes, Posca markers are washable once they are completely dry. Though if you have applied Posca markers to clothing or canvas shoes, it is best to have ironed the clothing or applied a protective waterproofing spray to shoes such as what you would with suede shoes.

Do Posca pens wash off glass?

Posca pens can wash off glass if they are not fully dry. Once they have dried on glass, the glass can be washed. Just to be safe, to ensure the Posca based work is protected on glass, apply a fixative to the artwork. If you wish to remove dried Posca markers from glass, simply scrape it off.

Can you use Posca pens on paper?

Yes, Posca pens and markers can be used on any types of paper. The paper does not need to be pre treated with anything. Just make sure the paper or board is free of any dust before you start work.

Are Posca markers washable

Yes, Posca markers are washable if you quickly apply soap and water to the affected area, give a scrub and then pop into a washing machine. Once dry though, it is a little harder to remove from clothing

How to get Posca pen off clothes

If the Posca pen is fresh, scrub quickly with soap and water and pop into a washing machine. If the Posca has dried or has been ironed then it will be much harder to get off. You will need to use a stain remover a few times and hope for the best

Can you use Posca pens on chalkboard

Posca make a chalkboard specific pen called Posca Chalk that can be used on chalkboards. Do not use your regular Posca pens on chalkboards.

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