Are Posca pens alcohol based? Don’t buy them until you read this

No, Posca Pens or Posca Markers are not alcohol based. Posca pens are also not oil based pens. While most paint pens are oil based pens, Uni Posca pens use an acrylic based ink, that means they are just simply water and acrylic paint. 

The same kind of acrylic paint that is used in schools that can be washed off with soap and water before the ink sets, after which they become waterproof and resist fading while still keeping their bright colors.

Unlike alcohol based pens, Posca pens do not even have a noticeable smell, which means they can be safely used indoors without having a toxic smell that most people hate. Uni Posca Markers
My Personal Uni Posca Markers

What Kind of Paint is In Posca Pens; Are Posca markers Acrylic?

Posca markers are acrylic. They are packed with high pigment acrylic paint, this means they contain a higher volume of pigment compared to binder.

This means more paint in the pen than binder. 

Some cheaper paint pens contain more binder and less pigment.

This gives the Posca paint pen better coverage and makes it more opaque.

So what is high pigment Acrylic paint? It is a fast-drying paint made of pigment (Pigment is a colored material that is not soluble in water), the pigment is mixed in an acrylic polymer emulsion and plasticizers, silicon oils etc.

Don’t worry, it’s actually all pretty safe.

Alcohol Based Pens vs Acrylic Based Pens

Alcohol based pens are very different to water based markers. As mentioned earlier, pigment in Acrylic paint is suspended or mixed in a mix or water and acrylic polymer.

Whereas alcohol based pens are suspended in an alcohol or another fast evaporating solvent.

This means that alcohol based markers can not be cleaned or diluted with water but need a type of alcohol to clean it – not the drinking alcohol but a chemical mix such as Isocol or Isopropyl.

Alcohol based pens will have a medium to strong smell or odor to them when you use them. That is one quick giveaway you know its an alcohol based pen.

Are Posca pens safe on skin?

I have another article that answers this question in much more detail. 

Have a look here to read it.

Posca pens, Posca paint pens and Posca markers are basically the same thing. All are acrylic based pens.

Posca Uni Liquid Chalk are a little different.

Uni Chalk Pen
Uni Chalk Pens

Uni Liquid Chalk Markers use a water-based pigment ink not to different to acrylic paint, which means you can use it on windows, glass, mirrors, plastic and metal surfaces.

The ink is removable on non-porous surfaces.

The water-based pigment ink won’t wash off in the rain, but is easy to wipe away with a damp cloth. 

The markers can be used on chalkboards but according to the manufacturer, this is more a permanent application.

Wrap up!

In summary, Posca paint pens are not alcohol based pens. You can not get high from them and you can not get hurt from them if you end up consuming some of the paint or getting it on your skin.

Are alcohol based markers safe?

Generally, yes alcohol based markers are safer these days than what they were a few years ago. The main problem with alcohol based markers is Xylene but most good alcohol based markers no longer use xylene.
If this is still a concern for you, stick with water based pigment markers such as Posca or Sakura Pigma.

Are Posca pens alcohol based?

No they are not. Read this article to find out what Posca pens use

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