How to draw Eevee cute with step by step instructions

So when it came to putting together a tutorial on how to draw Eevee cute, who best to ask than my own little Pokemon obsessed little girl.

She has been obsessed with Eevee ever since she discovered Pokemon and has amassed a huge collection of not only toys but her own personal drawings of Eevee.

Eevee is a popular pokemon that can be drawn in a variety of ways.

Follow these step by step instructions to create your own drawing of Eevee

First let’s get the materials that you need, most of these will be easy to find if you’re a kid or you have kids. Here are the materials you’ll need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Black Sharpie or another permanent marker
  • Colors of your choice (we used cheap alcohol markers)

While my daughter used a black Sharpie for her drawing, I would suggest if this is your first time drawing Eevee that you use a pencil so that you can easily erase any mistakes you make.

Once you are finished you can go over the pencil with a black Sharpie too.

Step 1. Start by drawing an unfinished circle for the bottom of Eevee’s head

The first step is to draw in the middle of the page an unfinished circle with a small letter M towards the bottom right.

The M shape will be part of fur around Eevee’s neck that comes up a little.

We also need to make sure that we draw this almost in the center of the page so that we have enough space to fit the rest of Eevee.

how to draw Eevee step by step 1
Step 1 How to Draw Eevee Step by Step

Step 2. Let’s add an ear and the hair fuzz on top

Pretty easy, Eevee’s ears are just diamond shapes so we need to draw one larger diamond on the left where the unfinished circle ends and then add a smaller diamond inside that one.

We also want to add a bit of spiky fur inside it like another letter M and then we add some more spiky fur on the top of her head.

how to draw Eevee step by step 2
Step 2 How to draw Eevee Step by Step

Step 3. Draw the flower and other ear

In this step we will draw 3 little flowers where the right ear will go. They are just simple flower shapes with a circle in the middle of each one. They don’t have to be perfect.

how to draw Eevee step by step 3
Step 3 How to draw Eevee Step by Step

Now we will add the right ear. It is basically the same shape as the left ear – a larger diamond shape with a smaller diamond shape inside.

Notice how the ear starts where the flowers are and also ends where the flowers are. Do not draw the ear bigger than the flowers.

We will also draw in 2 oval shapes that will be where Eevee’s eyes will be. We will complete the eyes in Step 4.

how to draw Eevee step by step 3.1

Step 4. Let’s draw some cute Eevee eyes, nose and mouth!

In step 4 we are going finish the eyes that we started in Step 3. Inside both of the ovals we drew in Step 3, add a small o or circle at the top of each eye oval.

My daughter also went ahead and drew a small nose for Eevee. This is just a small heart shaped nose and underneath you can make a tiny mouth.

My daughter chose to make a sassy upside down smile to make Eevee look a little tough but you can make it a happy smile to add to the cuteness.

Next to each eye add small lines going downward to look like Eevee’s eyebrows.

how to draw Eevee step by step 4
Step 4

Now let’s color in Eevee’s eyes with a black Sharpie. Leave a little white piece at the bottom of each eye so that it looks like light reflecting off Eevee’s eyeballs. The light reflecting off her eyes is one of the little tricks artists use to make Eevee’s eyes look cute.

how to draw Eevee step by step 4.1

Step 5. Let’s learn how to draw Eevee’s fur and legs

The next step in learning how to draw Eevee cute is to add the fur under her neck and we will also draw Eevee’s legs starting with the front right paw. Before you draw the paw, draw some simple lines that are going to be the outline for the fur. Now in the bottom of the fur, draw a little paw with 2 lines for toes.

how to draw Eevee step by step 5
Step 5 let’s draw fur and a paw

Now let us draw the other paw and leg and add one line going down on the left. This is going to be part of Eevee’s other leg in the next step. Also add some small dashes on Eevee’s fur like below.

how to draw Eevee step by step 5.1

Now let’s add Eevee’s two feet. Look where they are placed and keep them simple. The foot on the right also has a short leg. Don’t forget to add a small oval inside each foot.

how to draw Eevee step by step 5.2

Step 6. Time to add a tail

Drawing Eevee’s tail is pretty easy. Start at the bottom where Eevee’s leg is on the left and draw a curved line that goes up parallel with the bottom of Eevee’s eyes. It should end at a point that looks like an M. Now from the bottom of the M, draw a small curved line that goes all the way to her fur, touching about half way.

how to draw Eevee step by step 6
Step 6 How to draw Eevee cute

Step 7. Decorate and finalize the tail

In Step 7 of how to draw Eevee cute, we are going add a small zig zag line near the tip of Eevee’s tail so that it looks like snow on a mountain top.

You can also add three little flowers next to each other on the tail.

how to draw Eevee step by step 7

There you have it! You have completed your first drawing of Eevee in the How to Draw Eevee Cute tutorial. What you can do now is color Eevee in!

Coloring Eevee in

We added color using cheap alcohol markers from Amazon and a black sharpie for the finishing touches but you can use anything from pencils to ordinary markers.

I use these cheaper off-brand “Touchfive” markers as they do not smell strong as my Copic markers do. That makes my wife happy as she worries about the strong smells when children are using them.

The name may change on the marker, sometimes they are Touchfive and sometimes they say something else.

We got the 80 maker pack. They’re good value for what kids need and stop them from trying to use my more expensive Copic markers.

You don’t have to use the same markers we used in our drawing of Eevee, you can use pencils or other markers or even paint.

You can use the same colors we did or you make your own cute Eevee.

I won’t add instructions on how to color Eevee in, I will just stick each photo after the other to show you what my daughter did.

how to draw Eevee coloring in the tail
eevee drawing coloring in the yellow parts
eevee drawing coloring in ear shade
coloring in eevee drawing outer ear
coloring in eevee drawing paw
completed colored in eevee drawing

We added some shading in the next few steps. Notice where we added it, shading give the drawing a more realistic 3D look.

eevee drawing coloring in the ear
eevee drawing coloring in the face
eevee drawing coloring in the legs
eevee drawing tail being colored in
Colored in eevee

After we have finished with the shading we added bits of white out of white paint to make it look like light is shining off Eevee.

We did this to Eevee’s eyes and on her fur around her neck.

completed and colored in Eevee drawing
And that’s a wrap!

Wrap up!

how to draw eevee easy
All done! Eevee is now complete.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial on how to draw Eevee cute. Hopefully, it was simple to follow and you achieved great results. If you have any questions or comments feel free to send me an email via the contact us page.

I would love to see your finished drawings so please share them with me by tagging me on Instagram when you’re done. Thanks for reading How to draw Eevee cute!

Which Pokemon is the cutest?

According to my daughter, it’s Eevee and that’s why she’s the self proclaimed expert on how to draw Eevee.

This tutorial will show you how to draw an Eevee that is cute and simple and drawn by an actual child and not a professional artist. This way you know it is achievable for the average kid.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to create your own fan art drawing of Eevee as drawn by my own daughter.

You can also customize your drawing by adding your own personal touches but I will leave that up to your own imagination.

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