The Best Minimalist Aesthetic Flower Drawing Ideas You’ll Love

minimalist aesthetic flower drawing

You want to draw minimalist aesthetic flower drawings but don’t know what they are or how to start. Just about every artist, casual or professional, starts their drawing education with line art. It’s simple, easy, and trains your hand-eye coordination so you can get your idea out of your head and onto paper. Line art, or line drawing, teaches you how to block out your design, then refine the shapes into your finished artwork. As you look around for ideas, consider flowers.

They’re an excellent place to start learning the art of minimalist line drawing with their simple shapes and curves that are easily followed. You might be asking why draw flowers in particular, especially because there is a myriad of other things you can draw.

The fact is, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to draw a flower in a minimalist aesthetic flower drawing style. The humble daisy is easily recreated with a circle and a looping line for the petals. The end result is a recognizable image with the least amount of line work. Let’s look into this further and look at some examples I have drawn for you.

What is Minimalist Aesthetic Flower Drawing?

Minimalist aesthetic flower drawing is taking a pen or pencil and drawing the outline of a flower. You can add lines to indicate folds in the petals, stamens and pistils, stems, leaves, and other details that help refine the shape, but these lines are kept to a minimum.

The goal of this drawing aesthetic is to use fewer lines while creating an image that’s instantly recognizable by the viewer as being a flower of a specific variety. Therefore, you focus more on expressing the exterior lines of the flower and punctuating them with inside lines. The following is a look at the easiest flowers to start practicing your minimal aesthetic flower drawing skills with. 

We will start with 4 so that we can keep focused and tackle the easy flowers first before we expand with other flowers. Let’s start with the easiest flower to draw, the Daisy.


The daisy is one of the most basic minimalist aesthetic flower drawings you can start with. The exterior lines are very easy to identify and draw. You can make the center of the daisy as minimalist or as busy as you want. Drawing the petals can be quite easy if you can draw looping lines that meet at a stem. As the most basic of minimalist flower drawings, you can’t beat the daisy as a starter flower.

minimalist aesthetic flower drawing - daisy
Minimalist aesthetic flower drawing – Daisy

The steps to drawing a minimalist aesthetic flower are quite easy, you can do one in 3 quick steps. The first thing you need to do is draw a simple line as shown in step 1, where you start at the base and then quickly swoop upwards.

Keep the line simple and uncomplicated.

In step 2 start adding the petals around an oval/circle that you can draw at the tip of the stem we drew in step 1. Loop the petals around in one action as shown in step 3. The petals do not need to be perfect or symmetrical or even. These are minimalist aesthetic flower drawings not realistic drawings.

Now add some small curls inside the circle/oval and your daisy drawing is done. Give it a try!

aesthetic minimalist daisy steps wastedtalentinc.com
Steps to drawing a minimalist aesthetic flower like a Daisy


Drawing geraniums may feel like taking on more effort than you’re ready for, but they’re easier than you think. They’re also a good challenge for beginners because they’re a type of cluster flower with different focal lengths and perspectives. 

aesthetic minimalist geraniums groupwastedtalentinc.com
Minimalist aesthetic flower drawing – Geraniums

Start by identifying the flower that’s largest and/or in the center of the cluster that faces you. Draw a circle and mark the center. Pull a line down to denote the stem. You have something that looks like a lollipop, but you’re not finished yet. Go back to your center flower and draw circles that represent the surrounding flowers, and put in dots for the center of the flower. Make sure to offset the centers to help you draw the angle of the flower. 

Once your circles are in place, go back over and draw in the petals and leaves the way you view them. You can add details inside the line, but again, keep them minimal. 

You’ll use the above directions in a similar fashion for the following flowers and any others you want to draw. 

If you would like to draw drawing a minimalist aesthetic Geranium in 3 steps, try following the steps below. Note that in step 2, it just shows how to draw a simple geranium flower and in step 3 all you need to do is add a few of these on a stem.

aesthetic minimalist geraniums stepswastedtalentinc.com
Minimalist aesthetic flower drawing step by step – Geraniums


The rose is more of a challenge because the edges of its petals tend to be jagged. However, you don’t go straight into drawing a jagged line for each petal. Instead, you start out with a bulbous tumbler or platter shape that you build out. 

aesthetic minimalist rose wastedtalentinc.com
Minimalist aesthetic flower drawing – Rose

Start practicing with a rosebud as opposed to an open bloom. It’s easier to feel out the lines with a rose that’s closed or about to open. Create an oval platter shape and draw the center. Then draw vertical lines underneath that lead into a bulbous base. Pull your stem from the center of the base. 

Draw your petals with clean, curving lines that follow what you’re seeing in the bud. Let your hand relax and sweep freely as you draw these lines. Remember: you can always erase what you don’t like. 

Once you’ve put your lines down, you can go back over them and replicate any ragged edges, add in leaves, then fill out the stem.

aesthetic minimalist roses steps wastedtalentinc.com
Minimalist aesthetic flower drawing – A rose step by step

This approach can be used for a fully open rose as well, but you’ll want to block out an open rose with a shape that follows the outline of the flower. 


Impatiens are an easy flower to draw, but offer a challenge in that they’re a ground cover type of flower with minimal petals. They offer the opportunity to practice a repetitive shape and capture their different angles, practice foreshortening, and delineate each one while keeping to a minimalist aesthetic. 

aesthetic minimalist impatiens goupwastedtalentinc.com
Minimalist aesthetic flower drawing – Impatiens

Draw out your circles according to how the flowers are presenting themselves. A flower that’s turned to the side needs a more narrow oval while one that looks straight at you can be started with a regular circle. The placement of the center also helps you draw the lines of the petals, especially when foreshortening a flower. 

aesthetic minimalist impatiens wastedtalentinc.com
Minimalist aesthetic flower drawing steps for an Impatiens

Impatiens are a leafy plant. Draw your blocking lines in oval shapes that you can draw into a point later. You may find that you need to draw interior lines to help differentiate them from the flowers, but less is more in this case. Put in a couple of lines first, then decide if you need more later. 

Additional flowers to consider

There are many other flowers you can consider for minimalist aesthetic flower drawings, I put together a guide on how to draw flowers and I totally recommend you have a look and apply this technique to those flowers.

The Best Minimalist Aesthetic Flower Drawing Ideas – Wrap up!

Minimalist aesthetic flower drawing is a great way to improve your artistic skills while producing beautiful pieces of art. In this post, we’ve shown you how to draw geraniums, roses, and impatiens using the minimalist aesthetic method.

I hope you enjoyed this minimalist aesthetic flower drawing tutorial and found it helpful!

Feel free to share this post with your artist friends and see what they come up with!

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