Selling Art

Selling Art

types of subject matter in art

The Best Performing Types Of Subject Matter In Art – Simplified

One of the best things about being an artist is that there are no rules. You can create whatever you want, however, you want. However, this also means that it can be hard to know what to make sometimes. This is especially true if you’re new to art or trying to expand your subject matter….

can you sell fanart

Can you sell fanart and not get sued? We got the answers!

Fanart is a beautiful way to show your love and appreciation for a work of art, but it can be scary to sell it because you’re not sure if you’re allowed to. Can you sell fanart and not get sued? Copyright law is confusing and ever-changing, so it’s no wonder that many artists are afraid…

artist struggles

10 Artist Struggles – Why Artists Struggle and how they overcome them

We all know that being an artist is hard, but what are the common artist struggles and how can you overcome them? Artists have a lot of unique challenges. You’re always trying to figure out ways to improve your work, get noticed by clients or employers, find inspiration in everyday life and still have time…

Selling Art on Commission

Selling Art on Commission: How to Make a Great Living

Have you ever wanted to make a living by selling your art? Selling art on commission is one of the best ways that artists can do this. This blog post will discuss how commission-based sales work, and provide some helpful tips for success. But there is some confusion as to what selling art on commission…

fanart commissions

How to get fanart commissions – show me the money $$$

If you are an artist, creating fanart is an excellent way for you to appreciate the subjects you love, be it famous people, characters from popular culture, or even your fanart dreams. If you’ve been doing this as a hobby so far, you will be excited to know that you can actually earn money for…

Singulart Review

The Ultimate Singulart Review – helping artists sell online (answered)

If you have never heard of Singulart, don’t worry you will soon know everything about this art focused site. I did all the research for you in this post.

What type of paintings sell best on Etsy

What type of paintings sell best on Etsy? Find out here now

The type of paintings that sell best on Etsy are watercolors of pets and animals in the sub $50 price range with an average size of 8×10 inches. With dogs being the most popular. The sales figures, customer ratings and popularity were monitored over the first 4 months of the year and the results are…

Making Money Digital Products and Art

14 Ways to Making Money With Digital Art & Digital Products

As an artist and entrepreneur I wanted find a way I could be making money with digital art and digital products; earning a passive income from my art. I researched ways I could make money from my existing artworks without having to make and sell original works each and every single time. The problem was…

How Much Does It Cost To Commission a Portrait?

How Much Does a Portrait Drawing Cost?

You have finally decided to commission an artist to paint that portrait you always wanted. But you have never done this before so you have a few questions you want answered. The main question you will be asking is “how much does a portrait drawing cost?” but there should be more questions. Read on to…

How to make money as an artist on Instagram

How To Make Money As An Artist On Instagram

Instagram Changed How Artists Played The Game I started selling my own art back in the 90’s, before there was any Instagram, before there was Google, before there was even the internet. All we had, were the gatekeepers running galleries and shady art dealers controlling which artists sell what. The ability to make money as…