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20 Intuitive Art Examples To Inspire Creative Freedom and Self-Discovery

Understanding Intuitive Art Intuitive art is like playing with colors and shapes without a plan. It’s all about trusting your gut and letting your hands do the thinking. To most people, it will just look like abstract art but as we mostly know, abstract art can take a lot of planning but intuitive art is…

A student thinking about art basics with the fundamentals of art appearing as a speech bubble
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Master Art Basics: Fundamentals for Artists to Learn Core Skills

Understanding the Fundamentals of Art Learning the basics of art is important for any aspiring artist. Mastering these fundamentals helps you create better and more imaginative art. Importance of Learning Art Basics You can’t build a house without a solid foundation. The same goes for art. Knowing the basics helps you grow as an artist….

three point perspective drawing for beginners
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Master Three Point Perspective With This Step-by-Step Guide

Drawing Three Point Perspective Three-point perspective adds depth and realism to your drawings. It’s a bit different from one-point and two-point perspectives. In three point perspective, you use three vanishing points to create your drawing to give it a 3D look. Step 1: Define the Horizon Line First, draw your horizon line. This is where…