Boost Your Art Skills: Top 30 Day Drawing Challenge Ideas

Starting a 30 day drawing challenge is a fun and effective way to improve your drawing skills. It’s a strategy to use your free time to explore new styles and ideas.

Below is a list of 30 days of drawing challenge ideas.

Each day comes with a challenge idea and its benefit to you as the artist, so that you’re building on each day and getting better as an artist.

30-Day Drawing Challenge Ideas

Day 1: Self-Portrait in Your Favorite Style

Challenge Idea: Draw a self-portrait in the style of your favorite artist or art movement.
Benefit: Improves self-reflection and understanding of your favorite artistic techniques.

Day 2: Your Pet or Favorite Animal

Challenge Idea: Sketch your pet or a favorite animal in motion.
Benefit: Enhances observation and ability to capture movement.

Day 3: A Place You Want to Visit

Challenge Idea: Illustrate a place you dream of visiting one day.
Benefit: Expands imagination and landscape composition skills.

Day 4: A Moment From Your Favorite Song

Challenge Idea: Visualize and draw a scene or emotion from a song you love.
Benefit: Encourages interpretation of abstract concepts and emotions.

Day 5: Design a New Plant Species

Challenge Idea: Create and draw a new, never-before-seen plant species.
Benefit: Boosts creativity and understanding of natural forms.

Day 6: A Scene From Your Favorite Book

Challenge Idea: Illustrate a memorable scene from a book you love.
Benefit: Enhances storytelling and narrative illustration skills.

Day 7: Reimagine a Historical Event

Challenge Idea: Draw a historical event with a modern twist.
Benefit: Encourages creative thinking and exploration of historical contexts.

Day 8: Your Dream House

Challenge Idea: Design and draw your dream house, inside or out.
Benefit: Develops architectural drawing skills and spatial awareness.

Day 9: A Character From Your Childhood

Challenge Idea: Sketch a character from a childhood story or cartoon.
Benefit: Revisits foundational inspirations and character design techniques.

Day 10: A Mythical Creature in a Modern World

Challenge Idea: Place a mythical creature into a contemporary setting.
Benefit: Blends fantasy with reality, enhancing imaginative storytelling.

Day 11: Something You Fear

Challenge Idea: Confront a fear by bringing it to life on paper.
Benefit: Promotes emotional expression and catharsis through art.

Day 12: An Object in Your Room

Challenge Idea: Pick an ordinary object in your room and give it a twist.
Benefit: Improves observation and turns the mundane into the extraordinary.

Day 13: A Family Heirloom

Challenge Idea: Illustrate a family heirloom with its story.
Benefit: Enhances narrative ability and personal connection to your work.

Day 14: A Scene Underwater

Challenge Idea: Create an underwater scene, real or imagined.
Benefit: Explores light, texture, and movement in a unique environment.

Day 15: Your Favorite Food

Challenge Idea: Draw your favorite food in a creative setup.
Benefit: Develops still life skills and explores texture and color.

Day 16: An Insect With Superpowers

Challenge Idea: Invent an insect with superpowers and illustrate it in action.
Benefit: Encourages creativity in character and concept development.

Day 17: A Moment of Peace

Challenge Idea: Depict what a moment of peace looks like to you.
Benefit: Encourages mindfulness and self-expression through art.

Day 18: Technology in Nature

Challenge Idea: Combine elements of technology and nature in one drawing.
Benefit: Explores the relationship between organic and man-made forms.

Day 19: A Scene From a Dream

Challenge Idea: Recall and illustrate a scene from a recent dream.
Benefit: Enhances memory recall and the ability to visualize abstract concepts.

Day 20: Your Future Self

Challenge Idea: Imagine and draw yourself in the future.
Benefit: Fosters self-reflection and goal-setting through visualization.

Day 21: An Alien Life Form

Challenge Idea: Design and draw an alien life form and its habitat.
Benefit: Boosts imaginative thinking and world-building skills.

Day 22: A Mode of Transportation

Challenge Idea: Invent a new mode of transportation and illustrate it.
Benefit: Encourages innovative thinking and design skills.

Day 23: A Magical Spell Being Cast

Challenge Idea: Draw the casting of a magical spell, focusing on the effects.
Benefit: Enhances dynamic composition and depiction of energy.

Day 24: A City in the Sky

Challenge Idea: Create and draw a city floating in the sky.
Benefit: Expands conceptual thinking and architectural imagination.

Day 25: A Reflection in a Mirror

Challenge Idea: Illustrate an unexpected reflection in a mirror.
Benefit: Challenges perception and explores themes of identity and reality.

Day 26: Your Favorite Season

Challenge Idea: Depict the essence of your favorite season in a drawing.
Benefit: Encourages exploration of color, mood, and atmospheric effects.

Day 27: A Tattoo Design

Challenge Idea: Design a tattoo that holds personal significance.
Benefit: Develops symbolic thinking and concise visual expression.

Day 28: A Scene With Only Two Colors

Challenge Idea: Create a compelling scene using only two colors.
Benefit: Challenges color theory knowledge and minimalist expression.

Day 29: A Celebration in Your Culture

Challenge Idea: Illustrate a celebration or tradition from your culture.
Benefit: Promotes cultural exploration and appreciation through art.

Day 30: A Vision of the Future

Challenge Idea: Draw your vision of what the future looks like.
Benefit: Encourages forward-thinking and speculative imagination.

Why Do Them?

Trying daily prompts is a fantastic method to ensure you’re drawing something every day. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned artist, there’s always something new to learn.

Creating your own prompt list is a great way to tailor the challenge to your interests. You can mix various subjects, like domestic animals or mythical creatures, to keep things exciting.

Participating in a well-known challenge like Magical March can connect you with fellow artists. Sharing your work on various social media platforms can open up a world of feedback and encouragement.

Remember, this challenge is about progressing as an artist and not about perfection. Every piece of paper you fill brings you a step closer to refining your art skills.

Try different materials like ink pens or digital artwork to discover a new technique or style. This variety can inject much fun into your daily routine.

Incorporate quick sketches of everyday items or a blind contour drawing to spice up your challenge with different compositions. These quick exercises can significantly enhance your ability to capture various forms and perspectives.

Designate a day to draw a family member or a friend. This can be a great way to practice realism and capture the love life gives us through art.

By the end of the month, you might not only see a noticeable improvement in your skills but also develop a habit of making art a part of your daily routine.

Challenges like this are designed to push your boundaries, encouraging you to try new things at your own pace.

Generating Drawing Prompts

If you need help with some drawing prompts to get the ideas flowing I have a free drawing prompt generator for artists.

Here’s a drawing prompt I’ve made just for you:

“Draw a mysterious wizard casting a spell in a dystopian future, depicted in a cartoonish style with a sense of mystery.”

In fact, if you have access to an AI tool like you can ask it to generate some for you and even give sample images. Have a look below.

Asking AI to provide some drawing prompts

And then you can ask it to make a sample image for you and you can use this as a reference image for your drawing. See below.

Asking AI to make a sample image from my drawing prompt so that it can be used as a reference image.

Drawing Prompts for Beginner Artists

If this is your first challenge, it’s okay to start simple. Here’s a short list of drawing prompts to kick off your creativity:

  • Draw your favorite piece of art if it was a comic book style
  • Sketch a family member or a friend, try making it real, minimalistic and then abstract
  • Try your hand at blind contour drawing
  • Create a still life from items in your room
  • Drawing prompts inspire new ideas and challenge you to draw different subjects. Don’t worry about skill level; it’s all about improvement at your own pace.

What is an Art Challenge?

An art challenge is a great way to work on your drawing skills. You pick a 30-day drawing challenge and create something new every day on a piece of paper.

This challenge lets you try new things at your own pace. You can find daily prompts or make your own list to follow.

One of the best ways to join in is through monthly art challenges like Magical March. These challenges are popular on various social media platforms and are a good way to connect with fellow artists. Starting your first challenge might feel tough, but it’s a lot of fun.

You’ll need a few art materials like pencils, ink pens, or whatever you prefer. Using different styles and subject matter can help you grow. Want to draw mythical creatures or try a new technique? This is your chance.

What is an art challenge, person drawing in a sketchbook

The daily prompts guide you but feel free to draw anything. A quick sketch of your family member or a domestic animal? Why not! It’s all about practicing and having much fun with it.

Remember, it’s not about making a perfect piece of art every time. An art challenge is about improving your art skills and finding new ideas. Mixing traditional media and digital artwork can also be a great challenge.

No matter your skill level, there’s a place for you in the art community. Whether it’s your first year or you’re a professional artist, taking on a 30-day challenge is a great time to expand your horizons.

In your free time, why not add this creative challenge to your daily routine? Just grab your day sketchbook and start with the first thing that comes to mind. You’ll be surprised at what you can create in an entire month.

Benefits of a 30-Day Drawing Challenge

Benefits of a 30-Day Drawing Challenge - person drawing their challenges in a calendar

Improved Drawing Skills

A 30-day drawing challenge is a great way to improve your drawing skills. You practice every day, so you naturally get better at it.

Boost in Creativity

This challenge forces you to think of new ideas daily. It helps you become more creative and explore different styles.

Establishing a Consistent Routine

Making art a part of your daily routine is key. The challenge helps you set aside time to draw, turning it into a habit.

For the Enjoyment

Drawing every day is fun. You get to enjoy creating a new piece of art each day of the month.

To Try Something New

The challenge is a good way to try new techniques or art materials. You might discover a new style you love or a different composition you hadn’t thought of before.

How to Start a 30-Day Drawing Challenge

how to start a 30 day art challenge - image of artist materials in cartoon style

Set Clear Goals

Before you start, decide what you want to gain from a 30-day drawing challenge. It might be to get better at drawing animals or to try out new techniques.

Setting goals is key to staying focused and measuring your progress. If you just want to have fun, that’s a goal too.

Typical Supplies Needed

You don’t need fancy supplies to begin. A pencil, eraser, plus piece of paper are enough. But if you want to explore, adding a few ink pens or markers can spice things up.

Remember, using what you have is a great way to start. Over time, you might choose to experiment with traditional media or digital artwork.

Choose a Theme or Prompts

Choosing a theme or set of prompts can make your challenge exciting. Some people love drawing mythical creatures, while others focus on still-life drawing.

You could follow a well-known challenge, like Magical March as an example, or make up your own prompt list. Themes keep you inspired and help you think of what to draw next.

Tips for Successfully Completing a 30-Day Drawing Challenge

Tips for Successfully Completing a 30-Day Drawing Challenge - a sketchbook filled with 30 days of art ideas

Taking part in a 30-day drawing challenge is a great way to improve your drawing skills. By drawing every day, you learn new things and get better at your art.

Time Management

Finding time to draw might sound hard, but it’s key to your success. Plan to draw at the same time every day.

This makes it easier to stick to your challenge. Look at your free time and choose a time that works best for you to create a piece of art.

Take Breaks When Needed

Remember, it’s okay to take breaks. If you feel tired or stuck, a short break can help. Breaks let your mind relax and come back with new ideas.

This way, you keep the challenge fun and avoid burnout.

By following these tips, you’ll find this drawing challenge to be a great challenge. You’ll learn different styles at your own pace and have much fun along the way.

Celebrating Your Accomplishment

Creating a Gallery of Your Artwork

After spending an entire month drawing, it’s key to have a place to showcase your hard work.

You can put all your art from the 30-day drawing challenge in an album or on a wall at home.

This is a good way to see how much your drawing skills have grown. It also lets you remember the fun you had trying new things.

Sharing Your Journey on Social Media

Social media is a great way to share your drawing journey with others. You can post your favorite pieces of art or even every drawing from the challenge.

This way, fellow artists and friends can see your progress. Plus, you might inspire someone else to start their own drawing challenge.

Share Your Art On Our Forum

Our forum is a perfect place for artists like you. You can post your drawings from the challenge and get feedback from various artists.

It’s a friendly space to learn new ideas and techniques from each other. Joining is a good way to connect with people who love drawing just as much as you do.

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