What is Collage Art Anyway? 7 Types Of Collage Art Covered

Collage is a form of artwork that is made by assembling different pieces to create a new, finished work of art.

Collages can be made from various materials such as paper and fabric.

Collage art is a fun and creative way to make art.

What is a Collage – Explained

A Collage is like making a puzzle, but you get to decide what the pieces are and how they fit together.

You can use all sorts of things like paper, fabric, and even pictures from magazines.

You arrange these pieces on a surface, like a piece of cardboard or a canvas, to create a brand new picture or design.

It’s a cool way to mix and match different materials to express your ideas and make something unique.

collage art sample
Collage art sample

Get into the habit of collecting pieces of thrown-away materials or fabrics or magazines.

Even foil, bus tickets (where they still get issued), vintage photographs, wrappers, branded boxes, strong papers and boards, bags and popular product packaging. The list is endless.

This will allow you to build up a readily accessible supply of materials with hot glue guns, PVA Wood glue and other types of adhesives for when you want to incorporate collage into your artworks.

I would often glue my magazine images with acrylic paint mixed with PVA wood glue as a medium. Worked wonders.

When you combine these materials with traditional art materials for painting or drawing then you have a powerful supply of ready made art waiting to be put together by an artistic eye.

7 Types of Collage Art

There are many different types of collage art, each with its own unique style and materials. Here are some of the main types:

Paper Collage:

This is the most common type of collage. Artists use different kinds of paper like magazine clippings, colored paper, newspapers, and photographs.

They cut, tear, or fold these papers and then glue them onto a surface to create various images and designs.

paper collage sample

Photo Montage:

Similar to paper collage, but specifically uses photographs.

Artists combine multiple photographs or parts of photographs to create a new image. It’s often used to tell a story or convey a message.

photo montage collage sample

Wood Collage:

This involves using pieces of wood, often of varying sizes, shapes, and colors, to create an artwork.

Wood collages can have a more three-dimensional effect compared to paper collages.

wood collage

Fabric Collage:

Here, different fabrics, threads, and yarns are used.

Artists often combine sewing or embroidery with fabric collage, creating rich textures and intricate designs.

fabric collage sample

Digital Collage:

This is a modern form of collage where digital images are manipulated and combined using software like Photoshop.

It allows for a vast range of effects and is popular in graphic design.

digital collage

Mixed Media Collage:

This type involves combining different materials such as paper, paint, ink, metal, wood, and found objects.

Mixed media collages can be very textured and layered, offering a more complex visual experience.

mix media collage

Three-Dimensional (3D) Collage:

This type extends beyond the flat surface, using various objects to create a sculpture-like artwork.

It can include any material imaginable, from plastic toys to natural elements like leaves or stones.

3D vmix media collage art

Collages Can Be Fine Art

If you are wondering what type of art is collage art, it might lead to the question of whether or not what type of work fine art or low art? This can be a very subjective matter.

High art is what is popularly considered as what experts in the field of art would consider to be great works.

In fine art, paintings are normally what you will find for sale at museums and galleries or can even visit on a day out from their current exhibitions which change from time to time with new pieces being displayed each month .

You could say that collage work has not historically been seen as high art because it is an area where anyone who loves creating things using paint materials will produce some amazing artwork.

This makes them very collectable by any artist no matter what level they might be working towards, developing their skills further every step of the way along their journey, becoming more skilled over time, too.

Just like anything else, practice makes perfect, after all.

Some people even go so far as claiming collage is simply glorified scrapbooking!

Why Artists Use Collage In Art

The capacity to include commentary through recognizable images and things is one of the many advantages of collage.

It contributes to the depth of the pieces and may help make a point. This is quite popular and common in contemporary art.

I have also used collage in my art as a way to save time or as a workaround to when I have struggled to achieve the desired effect of is in my mind in the real world.

Famous Collage Artists

Collage has long been used as an art form and some of the most popular collage artists include Max Ernst, Kurt Schwitters, Robert Rauschenberg, Ray Johnson (whose portraits inspired me many years ago) and Joseph Cornell. We also have likes of Picasso, Man Ray and Henri Matisse.

In the contemporary art scene here are 5 of the contemporary collage artists to look for.

How to Make a Collage Art Piece

You will probably remember that collage is one of the first types of art you will have explored as a child after paint on paper and crayons on paper.

I clearly remember my school teacher giving us all a tub full of magazine pages, materials, scissors, glue and paint and shown how to create cool pictures using what we now know as collage.

The concept is very basic and easy to do.

There are several different approaches you can take when making your first collage piece:

Use Found Objects

Use found objects like old photographs or postcards that already have images on them instead of starting from scratch.

It’s also good because it helps if you don’t want to cut up magazines yourself.

Start with drawing what you would like to do then use that as reference for later steps in creating the final artwork which might consist of cutting out pictures etc.

Use Things Around The House

Use what’s around the house to create your collage like old books or expired film negatives.

You can also use magazine pages, wrapping paper, even cereal boxes. Whatever you have lying around that is not valuable and has an image on it could be used for this art form so get creative.

If possible, try sticking down several layers of different sorts of materials onto a support, which will give greater depth to what you are doing than using just one type of material in combination with another medium such as paint, etc.

This makes what you’re creating more interesting visually because there are contrasting textures rather than all being pleasant to touch.

It looks good too if some parts protrude slightly while others recede into the background showing perspective off. Try experimenting. You can’t go wrong with collage art.

It Is legal to make Collage art

The thought may never had crossed your mind before but in short, yes it is legal to make collage art but there are lots of caveats around what makes collage art legal or illegal. I have gone into a bit more depth in this post.

How to make collage art video

In this video Mark Vazquez-Mackay takes us through his process of making a collage art work. It’s quite fascinating and he does drop some knowledge bombs in this video.

how to make collage art video

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