How to Find the Color Palette of an Image (Free App)

Free App To Find the Color Palette of an Image

How to use the ”Find Color Palette from Image” tool

Drop an image onto the little space below and wait for it to extract the top 10 colors from the image.

It will show you a palette of 10 colors including a hex code for each color that you can then look up what its real world name is.

Get a Color Palette from an Image

Drop an Image File to Get Its Color Palette

Drop an image here to view a color palette with each HEX color code

I have a few features in mind that I wish to add so let me know if you want the same. These are:

  1. Displaying the real world name of each color.
  2. Show which is the dominant color.
  3. Show you how to mix each color shade.
  4. Show you where to buy that shade of color.
  5. Make it work on mobile devices. So far, the tool only works best on desktop browsers.
  6. Export the palette to a file.

How to find the color palette of an image

As a colorblind artist (yes, we exist) I needed help on how to find the color palette of an image without constantly having to ask loved ones.

One of my biggest if not biggest problem when creating art from a reference photo is knowing what colors I need to use.

I struggle with most colors and I have been known to accidently use green in place of brown, blue in place of purple and many more color mistakes.

Which is why when I moved out of home and no longer had access to my mom to ask her “what color is this?” I needed a solution,

I wasn’t happy with what was out there so I built one for myself and now you can use it too. If you’re interested in finding the color palette of an image, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, will not only give you access to my free online app (see app above) that will help you find the top 10 colors of an image, but I will explain the following:

  • What various tools are out there that can help you identify the top colors within an image and display them as Hex codes.
  • How these user-friendly tools make it easy to generate color palettes and incorporate these color schemes into your designs
  • How understanding colors will ensure that your work looks professional and visually appealing.
  • Why color palettes matter
  • Methods of extracting color palettes
  • Using online tools and much more.

Whether you’re an experienced designer or just starting, these tools can provide valuable color inspiration for your projects.

Why Color Palettes Matter

how to find the color palette of an image 1

Knowing the color palettes of an image (or reference) is a significant skill that most people who have no problems seeing colors take for granted. After years of dealing with my own colorblindness I found that not everyone sees the exact color the same way (mind blown, yes!).

I guess those blue dress and gold dress memes were right after all!

Implementing the right color palette in your work helps in establishing a consistent brand identity so that people will recognize certain colors as part of your palette as an artist and it also enhances the user experience of a product or website for those who use colors online.

Color allows you to convey the intended mood or emotion, giving an effective visual communication to the audience. So if you get that wrong then you’re failing as an artist.

Thanks to modern technology, traditional artists, digital artists and designers have a lot of options for finding the perfect color scheme for their projects.

A color palette generator from the image is one such tool that extracts color palettes from images at the snap of a finger. Which is what my tool does too for free.

These color picking tools usually use code that such as a color palette picker that allows you to easily select and refine the colors within the extracted palettes, making the process extremely convenient for those who can see colors as well as for those who struggle with colors.

Extracting a color palette from an image online has become a seamless task with various accessible platforms.

These platforms enable you to get a color palette from an image in just a few clicks. To find the color palette of an image, simply upload the image onto the platform, and the tool will automatically analyze and extract the most prominent and complementary colors as a palette.

Using these online tools allows you to create stunning and consistent color schemes for your projects without spending hours manually picking and choosing colors.

Even if you are not a professional artist or designber you can use these tools to help you speed up the color picking process when using reference images.

Methods for Extracting Color Palettes

get a color palette from an image

When you need to find the color palette of an image, several tools and methods are available to help you extract color palettes from images online.

In this section, I will discuss some of the other popular methods and tools used for color palette extraction.

Some other online color palette generators, such as Colormind, provide user-friendly interfaces, allowing you to extract color palettes from images with just a few clicks.

Another option is using a color palette picker tool. These tools typically allow you to upload an image and use a dropper tool to select specific color values.

For example, the Color Extractor tool helps you extract primary colors and create color combinations.

With some tools you can plot each pixel’s color and identify clusters of similar colors to extract the most representative color palette. Palette Maker is a tool that uses this technique.

Finally, numerous other online tools, like ColorKit, offer user-friendly color palette extraction with customizable options like changing the number of extracted colors.

By exploring these methods and tools, you can quickly find color palettes from images and create impactful designs with ease.

Using Other Online Tools

use online tools to find color palette of an image

Finding the color palette of an image can be easily done using various online tools. A color palette generator from image is an amazing way to instantly discover and create a color scheme by uploading an image of your choice.

These online tools will then analyze the image and extract a color palette.

Some of the popular tools available for this purpose include Coolors’ Image Picker, Canva’s Color Palette Generator, and ColorDesigner’s Color Palette From Image.

Using a color palette picker, like the one offered by Color Code Finder, allows you to select specific colors within an image and obtain their corresponding color codes, such as Hex, RGB, or HSL. Another similar tool is Fotor’s Color Picker From Image.

To extract color palette from image online, follow these simple steps:

  • Upload an image to the chosen tool
  • Select the desired colors or let the tool automatically generate the palette
  • Save or copy the generated color palette for future use

These online tools make it simple and quick to get a color palette from an image.

Leveraging Graphic Design Software

Finding the color palette of an image can be made easier using graphic design software and online tools. Many services offer a color palette generator from an image, which makes it simple for users to extract the dominant colors in any picture.

Here are some popular tools for getting a color palette from an image.

Adobe Express

Leveraging Adobe’s powerful design software, you can make a color palette from an image using their automatic color palette picker. It allows you to edit the generated palette and explore variations in your design. Learn more about Adobe Express Color Palette Generator.


This free and user-friendly tool helps you extract a color palette from an image online. You can create your artwork or learn color combinations that work for your website or app. Try using the PicsArt Color Palette from Image tool.

These are just a few popular tools for finding the color palette of an image.

No matter which service you choose, with a color palette generator from an image at hand, you can take your designs to the next level by matching various design elements and ensuring a cohesive style throughout your work.

Analyzing Color Palettes

Color palettes are essential for creating visually appealing designs and brand identities and also to help traditional artists work out their palette so that you can paint a more balanced and harmonious work of art.

In this section, I will discuss how to find the color palette of an image using a few different methods.

Color palette generator from image

One way to get a color palette from an image is to use a color palette generator.

This type of tool allows you to upload an image, and it will automatically create a color palette based on the colors found in the image. You have access to my tool.

Color palette picker

A color palette picker allows you to manually select colors from an image and add them to a custom color palette, allowing for more control over your palette selection.

I had one installed as a Chrome browser plugin for years and it worked quite well.

Extract color palette from image online

If you work mostly online there are tools that allow you to extract color palettes from images directly within your web browser

As you can see, there are many ways to find the color palette of an image. Whether you want to make a color palette from an image.

These tools let you get color palette from image, find a color palette from image, and get a color palette from an image, or extract color palette from image, quite easily.

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