Gamblin Solvent Free Gel Vs Liquin – Artists Need A Happy Medium

When it comes to choosing a medium for your art, there are many options to choose from. Each type of medium has its own unique benefits and drawbacks.

Gamblin Solvent Free Gel and Liquin are both quick-drying gel oil mediums. They are both used to modify the consistency and drying time of oil paints, but they differ in composition and properties.

Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel is made with safflower oil and keeps paint thick and see-through without harmful chemicals, making it safe and good for the environment.

Liquin, another type of paint helper, makes paint dry faster, flow better, and look shiny. But Liquin has chemicals such as petroleum distillates in it and smells stronger than the Solvent Free Gel.

When choosing between them, think about how you want to handle the paint and your concerns about safety and helping the environment.

What is Gamblin Solvent Free Gel used for?

Gamblin Solvent Free Gel is popular among artists for its ability to create a smoother and more even texture, it is known to dry quickly while also adding sheen to the paint.

It improves the flow of colors and is also great for thinning out paint without affecting the consistency too much. It can also be used to create glazes and transparent layers.

Gamblin Solvent Free Gel is an oil medium that is free of solvents and allows painters to create a range of works without sacrificing quality.

Gamblin solvent free gel

How does Gamblin Solvent Free Gel work?

Gamblin solvent free gel is made from a combination of resins and oils such as Linseed and safflower oils.

These oils are non-toxic and do not require a solvent to evaporate; they dry through oxidation.

The gel is designed to improve the flow of colors while also providing a smooth texture and transparency.

It dries quickly and does not affect the consistency of the paint too much.

The other great thing about using this medium is that you can actually clean your brushes using Safflower oil on its own without the need to use a solvent.

Is Gamblin Solvent Free Gel fat or lean?

According to the Gamblin website, Gamblin solvent free gel is considered to be a 100% fat medium that is used for oil painting.

You can make it leaner by mixing it with Gamsol which is a solvent or any other kind of paint thinner.

What is Liquin used for?

Liquin is another popular medium choice among artists. It’s known for its ability to speed up the drying time of oil paints.

Liquin is a more versatile medium that can be used for a variety of different techniques. It’s perfect for creating washes, glazes, and impasto effects.

It can also be used to speed up the drying and it resists yellowing. I have a few articles where I compare Liquin to other similar products. Have a look below!

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How do Gamblin Solvent Free Gel and Liquin differ?

The main difference between these two mediums is the drying time. Gamblin Solvent Free Gel will dry your paint faster than Liquin.

Gamblin Solvent Free Gel is less versatile than Liquin and can only be used for certain techniques. It uses safflower oil instead of petroleum distillates.

Liquin uses petroleum distillates to help speed up the drying time so it cannot be classed as solvent free.

So, which medium should you choose?

It really depends on your needs as an artist. If you need a fast-drying medium, then Gamblin Solvent Free Gel is a good choice.

However, if you want a more versatile medium that can be used for a variety of techniques, then Liquin is the better option

What are the uses for Gamblin Solvent Free Gel?

Gamblin Solvent Free Gel is most commonly used to speed up the drying time of oil paint. This medium can also be used to increase the transparency of your paint and to create a smooth, glossy finish and is especially perfect for creating a nice and rich glaze.

Remember to always start lean with the initial layers where you will mix the Gamblin gel medium with some Gamsol and then finish with fat layers.

This is where you have less Gamsol and more medium mixed with your paint (using Fat over Lean).

More Gamblin Solvent Free Gel should be used in the final layers of glazes and not on the initial layers.

Can you mix Gamblin Solvent Free Gel and Liquin?

Yes, you can mix Gamblin Solvent Free Gel and Liquin together. This combination will create a more versatile medium that can be used for a variety of techniques.

Personally, I would stick with using just one or the other unless I was running out of each and had to start mixing them up.

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