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Best Oil Pastels

Best Oil Pastels – Top 5 Reviewed + Buyer Guide

If you’re in a creative mood and want to get down to arty business straight away, pastels are one of the best art mediums out there. Many art products require some sort of preparation before you start the creative process but pastels are ready to use at any point. They allow you to apply pigment […]

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Best Watercolor Palette

Best Watercolor Palette (Top 5 reviewed + Buyer Guide)

One of the most crucial parts of a watercolor artwork is the palette you use. The paints are an important part of a watercolor artist’s work, however, not all watercolor paint sets come with every color under the sun. To get the nuances in shading and tones, you need to mix different colors together so […]

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Best Clay for Sculpting

Best Clay for Sculpting [5 reviewed + Buyers Guide]

Sculpting is a fun, creative, and often therapeutic art form that allows artists to bring their imaginings to life in 3 dimensions.  Unfortunately, using the wrong kind of clay for sculpting can seriously hinder the final results of your work.  As a sculptor, there’s almost nothing more devastating than completing a project only for Daffy […]

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best paper for copic markers e1620631625521

Best Paper For Copic Markers (2021 Buying Guide)

Copic markers are notorious for bleeding through standard paper. There’s nothing worse than spending ages drawing out your line art, only to find the Copic markers bleed through the edges. Not only will this affect the overall quality of your artwork, it’s incredibly annoying. Paper that isn’t suitable for use with Copic markers can also […]

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Best paper for colored pencils

Best Paper For Colored Pencils – 2021 (Answered)

If you are working with colored pencils then it is essential that you are getting a sketchpad that contains the right kind of paper. This is going to allow you to see the best results and ensure that the colors will pop. Sketch pads can differ in their paper depending on what kind of materials […]

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Best Scanner For Artists

Best scanner for artists and artworks (2021 Models)

Thinking of sharing your art online, or even sending it off to make some professional quality prints? It’s possible to make money doing what you love – making beautiful works of art – but you need the right tools to accomplish that. Without the right scanner, it doesn’t matter which medium you’re using; from paint […]

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