My Instagram page is the perfect platform to showcase my artwork and promote my blog. It’s a place where I can share my creative ideas, art materials, tips and tricks with anyone interested in creating art. My page features high-quality images of both finished works and behind-the-scenes photos that offer insight into the creative process of making art.

My Instagram page also allows me to build relationships with other artists and art-lovers by engaging in conversations about techniques, methods and materials. I often post links to websites where followers can purchase the same supplies I use, as well as links to helpful tutorials from other artists.

My posts also feature information that is useful for aspiring artists such as opinions on different brands of art materials, tips on how to stay motivated while working on a project, or simply just encouraging words. My aim is to build an online community of creatives who share a passion for making art. Through my Instagram page, I hope to help new and experienced artists find inspiration, motivation and knowledge that will help them turn their creative ideas into reality.