How many Copic Markers are there? with Bonus Copic Color System

I was wondering the other day “how many different Copic Markers are there?”. There seem to be so many options and different types; it’s all so confusing.

First of all, we need to look at the different types of Copic Markers.

On the Copic website, they currently list four different types of Copic Markers.

The site also contains an additional four types of Copic Pens.

Then there are other Copic products such as the Opaque White and the Copic Airbrush.

The question set is “How many Copic Markers are there?” I will answer that first and then develop that into an answer that includes other Copic Writing/Drawing products.

My copic marker with 2 nibs
My first Copic marker. This one has two nibs

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Copic Markers

Copic Markers come in four variations

Copic Sketch

Copic Sketch is the most popular collection of markers in the Copic Range.

It is produced in 358 colors, and there is also an empty pen that you can use for colors that you have blended yourself and a colorless blender pen.

So the total number of products in the Copic sketch collection including the colorless blender pen and empty pen is 360.

The pens are refillable (we will look at inks later). The marker is twin nibbed with a Medium Broad nib and Super Brush nib.

Copic Colours are the same no matter which collection you buy, and the same color system is used.

New colors will only be released in Copic Sketch.

Copic Sketch will work with the Copic Airbrush System.

Copic Ciao

Copic Ciao is a budget version of the Copic Sketch.

It does not come in the same number of colors with only 180 COLORS in the Copic Ciao collection (including the colorless blender).

Just like the Copic Sketch, the pens are refillable.

The marker is twin nibbed with a Medium Broad nib and Super Brush nib.

Copic Ciao costs less than Copic Sketch but also contains less ink. Copic Ciao does not work with the Copic Airbrush System.

Copic Classic

The Copic Classic was the first collection ever launched. Copic Classic is produced in 214 colors, including the colorless blender.

It also has the empty marker option so that you can mix your own colors or add inks from the Copic Sketch range of colors.

So technically, by using many empty markers, you could expand the color range to 360.

Copic Classic will work with the Copic Airbrush System.

Copic Wide

Copic Wide is the best choice if you want to color larger areas. It comes as standard with a inch nib.

Copic Wide is supplied in 36 colors, including the colorless blender.

There is also a Copic Wide Empty Marker, which can be filled with all the colors in the Sketch Collection.

Copic Pens

We now move onto the related pen product

Copic Multiliner

This all-purpose inking pen and is compatible with Copic Markers. It uses water-based pigment-based ink that does not bleed with water once dried.

It is used for those more delicate lines where precision is needed. The Copic multiliner pen comes in 10 colors as standard.

Copic Multiliner SP

These pens are designed for long term use and are refillable using Copic Ink cartridges. The nib can also be replaced.

This pen also uses water-based pigment-based ink. This pen only comes in BLACK ink.

Copic Gasenfude Brush Pen

This pen has a special kind of brush nib that is perfect for lettering or sketching.

It uses water-based pigment ink and does not bleed when used in conjunction with Copic Markers.

The pen is only supplied in BLACK.

Copic Drawing Pen

The Copic Drawing Pen has the feel of a fountain pen, and by altering pressure, it is possible to achieve many widths of line.

It is supplied in two colors, black, and Sepia. It will not bleed when used with Copic Markers.


We will now calculate the total number of products available for Copic Pens and Brushes in the various collections. The first figure is the standard color range and the second figure is the potential using empty pens to extend the range using Copic Inks.


Copic Sketch – 360 markers

Copic Ciao – 180 markers – expandable to 360

Copic Classic – 214 markers – expandable to 360

Copic Wide – 36 markers – expandable to 360

Total Markers Available 1440 different markers


Copic Multiliner – 10 pens

Copic Multiliner SP – 1 pens

Copic Gasenfrude Brush Pen – 1 pen

Copic Drawing Pen – 2 pens

Total pens Available 14 different pens.

Total of All Drawing Products 1454 markers and pens Nibs

If you include variations in nib sizes that can be purchased separately, the range will extend to an even more significant figure.

In total, nine possible nib sizes can be fitted to markers.

Why are there so many markers available

The reason for so many products is primarily the sheer number of colors offered by Copic.

That is 358 different colors of ink, with the possibility to mix colors and blend an infinite number of colors.

People frequently wonder how it is possible to keep track of this number of colors and recognize the differences between shades of the same color.

The answer is the unique Coptic color labeling system.

At the end of each marker is a close reproduction of the color ink that the marker uses. There is also a letter and number code. This system works as follows.

Bonus Information – Color Families (The Copic Color System Explained)

Copic starts by creating 16 color families; this is signified by the first letters of the color number.

For example, if the number begins with a Capital B, then it is a member of the blue family.

  1. E – Earth Colors
  2. BG – Blue Green
  3. B – Blue
  4. BV – Blue Violet
  5. V – Violet
  6. RV – Red Violet
  7. R – Red
  8. YR – Yellow Red (Orange)
  9. Y – Yellow
  10. YG – Yellow Green
  11. G – Green
  12. F – Florescent
  13. W – Warm Gray
  14. C – Cool Gray
  15. N – Neutral Gary
  16. T – Toner Gray

The Numbers

The first number after the letters represents the purity rating of the color.

A “0” would be a pre color (example B0 is pure blue), and a “9” would be the dullest color.

The second number is the color’s value. “0” is a light color, “9” is the darkest color. So, for example, B00 would be a pure light blue.

It is simple when you know how it is done.

To make this system work requires a lot of colors, and THAT is why there are so many Copic Products.


I hope this has explained the sheer variety of Copic products and why there are so many.

As a bonus, I hope that you now have an understanding of how the color system works.

This piece of information blew me away as I had always wondered how they came up with these numbers and letters.

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