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derwent metallic pencils

Derwent Metallic Pencils are a new addition to Derwent’s range of pencils and they come in a range of metallic colours. Derwent is one of the most popular brands for artists and designers, so it comes as no surprise that these pencils have been designed to be perfect for anyone who wants to add some extra shine or shimmer to their creations. Read on for our full Derwent metallic pencils review, including an overview of what we liked and didn’t like about Derwent Metallic Pencils not to mention a video review from Derwent Brand ambassador Mirela Duta!

TL;DR Summary:

Derwent Metallic Pencils are a high-quality addition to the art supply market. Made in Great Britain with high-quality pigments, these pencils allow artists to produce detailed artwork with a metallic finish, which is particularly impressive on darker surfaces. The pencils come in various metallic hues, including gold, silver, copper, and bronze.

However, these pencils do have their drawbacks. They can produce strong wax buildup that causes smudging if mishandled. They are softer than most pencils and thus wear down quicker if used heavily. Also, the metallic effect may not always provide the desired outcome.

Despite these issues, the Derwent Metallic Pencils are generally well-regarded, though they are a bit on the pricier side and come in a more limited color palette compared to other manufacturers.

Derwent Metallic Pencils Review Summary:

  • Overall, Derwent Metallic Pencils offer a premium drawing experience that’s hard to match.
  • Their ease of blending, ability to create depth of tone, and excellent adhesion to paper make them stand out.
  • The hexagonal shape offers a comfortable grip reducing potential strain on the artist’s hand.
  • While they do tend to wear down quickly due to their softer constitution and might pose some challenges in achieving desired metallic effects, these issues can be mitigated with proper handling and technique.
  • The price and color palette might be restrictive for some, but if you’re looking for high-quality metallic pencils, Derwent’s offering is among the best in the market.
  • Their performance on darker surfaces particularly stands out, making them an ideal choice for those seeking to create vivid, metallic artwork.
  • My Rating: a solid 4/5

What are Metallic Color pencils?

Metallic color pencils are a type of colored pencil which have been made from wax and contain small amounts of metal powder that are used to produce vivid, striking metallic effects, particularly on dark paper.

They add brilliant definition and highlights to your work.

Derwent Metallic Pencils come in the same shape as other Derwent colouring pencils- round, hexagonal, with a triangular shaped tip to add more precise detail when drawing.

They are non-soluble, which causes the color to glisten and sparkle on the page.

Pros And Cons Of Using Derwent Metallic Pencils

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  • Made in Great Britain
  • High quality pigments used.
  • Hexagonal shaped pencils for better gripping and less strain on your fingers which could lead to repetitive strain injury.
  • The ability for artists produce detailed artwork.
  • Derwent’s are easy to blend together. You can apply different colors that are metallic or not on top of each other to create different hues.
  • The different colors layer nicely, allowing you to build depth of tone.
  • Using the side of the pencils allow you to create shading.
  • The range includes metallic shades of gold, silver, copper & bronze.
  • These hues look great against darker coloured cardstocks or canvases, allowing you to create detailed artwork when combined with black backgrounds.
  • They adhere to paper well. 


  • However there are some disadvantages that can’t be ignored; for example, Derwent pencils have a strong wax build up which causes smudging if handled incorrectly or used on delicate surfaces such as cardboard or thin paper.
  • Derwent metallic pencils also tend to be softer than most, so they can wear down quickly if used heavily.
  • Metallic may be difficult to use at times, and sometimes it does not provide the effects you desire.
  • The Derwent Metallic range is one of the most expensive ranges available on the market.
  • Derwents may have a more limited color palette than other pencil manufacturers, potentially limiting your creative freedom.

Derwent Metallic Pencils Color Chart

Derwent Metallic Pencils Color Chart

Are Derwent metallic pencils wax based?

Yes, Derwent metallic pencils are a wax-based pencil. Derwent Metallic Color Pencils have a high concentration of pigment which yields strong, vibrant color.

Are Derwent metallic pencils water soluble?

No, these specific Derwent Metallic pencils are not water soluble but some Derwent Metallic Pencils are water soluble.

Below I have listed the water soluble metallic pencils.

Alternatively, if you don’t need metallic pencils you can also look at Derwent Watercolor Pencils. These can be wet with a brush and water and give a nice watercolor effect.

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Do Derwent metallic pencils come pre-sharpened?

Yes, Derwents metallic colouring pencil is already sharpened and ready to use!

How do you sharpen the Derwent metallic pencil?

To get even more precise detail with your drawing or sketching project try using an electric sharpener for superior results.

What is the best paper surface to draw on when using Derwent metallic colored pencils?

Try using smooth Bristol board paper for better application of colors as well as less breakage while coloring in large areas or doing detailed tasks.

How do you use Derwent metallic pencils?

To get the best results from Derwents Metallic Colored Pencils it is advised that they are used on dark paper or on another background colour such as black. This will help to bring out the full depth and intensity of each colour in turn.

It’s also important to remember not too press too hard on your surface when using Derwents because if you do then some of your detail may be lost through over saturation!

If Derwent pencils are used correctly then they can give you the perfect end result that you desire.

Derwent Brand Ambassador Video

Watch Derwent’s brand ambassador Mirela Duta review the Derwent Metallic Pencil range.

Hints and Tips Derwent Metallic pencils

Alternatives to Derwent metallic pencils

There are a variety of alternatives to Derwent Metallic Pencils that you could use instead, such as:

– Chironal metallic pencils

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– Faber Castell Metallic Colored EcoPencils

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Many artists choose Derwents because they offer great value for money and provide high quality results. If you’re looking for metallic effects in your artwork then Derwent is definitely the best brand on the market!

The tips below should help make using these gorgeous drawing tools even easier: Remember not too press too hard when shading with Derwents or some detail will be lost through saturation and use Derwents on dark paper or other colours; this helps bring out the shimmer and metallic colors out more.

Other Derwent Metallic Pencils

Derwent Metallic 20th Anniversary Set (20)

Derwent is a well-known brand in the art supplies industry, and they offer a variety of pencil sets, including metallic pencils. Metallic pencils are often used to add shimmer and shine to artwork, adding an extra dimension to your creations. They can be used for various techniques, such as blending, layering, and highlighting.

When considering any art supply set, including metallic pencils, there are a few factors to consider:

Quality of Pigment: The quality of the metallic pigment is crucial. High-quality metallic pencils should have vibrant and reflective colors that can add a genuine metallic sheen to your artwork.

Blendability and Layering: Good metallic pencils should be easy to blend and layer. This allows for smooth transitions between colors and the creation of different effects.

Lightfastness: Lightfastness refers to how resistant the colors are to fading over time when exposed to light. High lightfastness ensures that your artwork remains vibrant for years.

Texture and Application: The texture of the pencils and how they feel on the paper can influence your artistic experience. Pencils that apply smoothly and evenly can make your creative process more enjoyable.

Color Range: A variety of metallic colors in the set can offer you more options and flexibility in your artwork.

Packaging and Presentation: The packaging and presentation of the set can also be important, especially if you’re looking for a gift or a collector’s item.

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