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what kind of paper do you use for oil pastels

What kind of paper do you use for Oil Pastels? Best Listed

Paper is an important part of any art-making process. Paper can be used for watercolor, acrylics, inks, and more. So what kind of paper do you use for oil pastels? There are many options when it comes to paper for oil pastels. Some artists prefer canvas or other heavy weight papers while others love the […]

Best Oil Pastels

Best Oil Pastels – Top 5 Reviewed + Buyer Guide

If you’re in a creative mood and want to get down to arty business straight away, pastels are one of the best art mediums out there. Many art products require some sort of preparation before you start the creative process but pastels are ready to use at any point. They allow you to apply pigment […]

how to use pastel sticks

How to Use Pastels on Paper – Great tips and techniques

A medium that has been around for centuries, pastels are easy to use, portable, and can create gorgeous pieces of artwork that truly display your artistic talent. If you already know how to draw with pen, pencils, or charcoal, learning to use pastels may be the next logical step in your growth as an artist. […]

How to use oil pastel sticks

How to Use Oil Pastel Sticks – Best Tips and Techniques

Containing intensely colored pigments in a stick form with a wax binder and an oil base, oil pastels are a very versatile medium with which both experienced and novice artists can make beautiful drawings. Although they are applied like a crayon to the drawing surface, oil pastels have excellent coverage and can make your drawings […]

How to use Pastels on Canvas 1

Tips on How to Use Pastels on Canvas – it can be done!

While most people think that canvas is the surface for art media like acrylics and oil paints, other kinds of media can also be used on canvas to create beautiful and interesting pieces of artwork. One such media that may be used on canvas is pastel. While traditionally, pastels are used on special pastel paper, using […]

How to clean oil paint brushes

How To Clean Oil Based Paint Brushes Safely

Chances are your paint brushes are a large investment and you want to protect that investment after each use. Whether you are painting a house or are an artist, oil based paints and brushes share some quite common ingredients and materials and the cleaning techniques will work for either. In this article, we will be […]

How to use Pastel Sticks

How to use Pastel Sticks to Create Artwork

One of the oldest artist’s mediums, pastels produce vivid colored drawings with a minimum of equipment. They are perfect for taking along on a trip or just for stepping out of the studio for the day. You can get started drawing with pastels with just a handful of items that are available at low cost.  […]

How to make fan art

Beginners Guide on How to make Fan Art that’s kickass

In this post I will share with you the top 5 tips you need to follow so that you can start as a beginner, how to make fan art that’s kickass, from laying the groundwork, developing a style, stealing from others, removing all fear and sharing what you make with the world. The best artists […]

Outline Drawing for Painting

How to Create an Outline Drawing for Painting with expert examples

Creating an outline drawing for painting is an outline or sketch of the painting that you want to create. It helps you plan what colors and values you will be using in your work, which can help with composition, color harmony, and balance. This blog post discusses how to create an outline drawing for a […]

How to blend colored pencils with water

How to blend colored pencils with water and 6 other crazy liquids

I love to color, and I know you do too! It’s relaxing. But sometimes it feels like blending coloring pencils the proper way can get a little boring. That’s why I put together this blog post to satisfy the curious minds out there wondering what things you can use to blend your colored pencils with! […]

layering and blending coloured pencils

Layering and Blending Colored Pencils as a Beginner Artist

Colored pencil layering and blending is a technique that can make your art look more realistic and 3-dimensional. If you are just getting started in this medium, it’s important to lay down the right colors for layering and blending. It may seem like an intimidating process at first but it is actually quite straightforward! In […]

Best Paper For Acrylic Paint

Best Paper For Acrylic Paint

One of the trickiest things about acrylic paint is finding a suitable surface to paint it on. Not everyone can afford numerous canvases or expensive boards to create their artworks. Paper seems the natural choice, however, you can’t just use any old sheets of paper. If you used standard printer paper, it would bend and […]