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How to draw a clenched fist

How to draw a clenched fist – 2 ways easy Realistic and Cartoon fist

Knowing how to draw a clenched fist can be an important skill for artists. There are two types of fists that you might want to learn how to draw – the realistic version and the cartoonish (anime) version. It is easy enough for beginners, but i’ll show you some tricks that will help make your […]

how to draw a color wheel

How to draw a Color Wheel With Colored Pencils – Simple & Easy

A long time ago when you were in an elementary school art class, you may have made a color wheel. At the very least, your art teacher probably showed the class a color wheel and talked about the different kinds of colors that you will find on a color wheel. Besides just learning about the […]

How to draw with colored pencils

How to draw with colored pencils – Ultimate Guide

Easy to find at any discount or department store, colored pencils are great for beginners. However, professional artists also use colored pencils to great brilliant works of art worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Whether you are a complete beginner artist or a more skilled artist who simply wants to try a new medium, colored […]

how to draw braids

How to draw braids easy in 14 steps (with pictures)

Learn how to draw braids using my easy to follow steps. If you can draw rectangles then you can draw braids. Step by step images and a video to help you.

How to draw a galaxy

How To Draw A Galaxy (Learn Drawing From The Best)

In this post you will learn how to draw a galaxy using some very easy techniques that I learned as a kid and perfected as an adult. They are so simple you will not believe it. Follow these steps and you’ll be the master galaxy drawer in no time! I like to use a variety […]

How to draw bangs

How to Draw Bangs Easy (Pictures and Steps)

Learning how to draw bangs can be a challenge, especially when you realise that most hair styles have some form of bangs these days and that bangs are as popular with boy’s hair styles as they are with girls. Bangs are also very popular in anime drawing so learning to draw bangs is a must […]

How to Draw Crystals

How to draw Crystals really easy in 7 steps

In this post I will show you how to draw realistic crystals that nobody else is drawing. I’ll be showing you how to draw crystals in 7 simple steps that even my daughter can follow. Skip ahead to How to Draw Crystals Step By Step if you want to get straight to drawing. Every weekend […]

what is still life drawing

What is Still Life Drawing: Why Every Artist Should Learn This Skill

What is still life drawing, what’s the point, and what materials do I need? These are some of the questions you might be asking yourself. In this post, I’ll answer all those questions and more! I’ll start with what it is, what it means for an artist, and why anyone who wants to draw needs […]

Brush pen drawing

Brush Pen Drawing – Why These Are The Best Drawing Tools For Artists

Brush pen drawings allow you to experiment with different textures without having to invest in a lot of specialty supplies, you only need paper and a brush pen loaded with ink. Every artist has their favorite mediums, and this is one for me, but if you’re looking for a versatile and dynamic drawing tool that […]

drawing vs painting

Drawing vs Painting: The Differences Explained Easy

Have you ever wondered why some people say drawing is easier than painting? What is the difference between the two and which is better? In Drawing vs Painting: The Differences Explained Easy explores these questions to help artists understand how they can improve their art skills by understanding the differences in technique. There are many […]

Watercolor pencil drawing ideas

5 Watercolor Pencil Drawing Ideas to Help You Level-Up Your Skills Now

If you’re looking for some new watercolor pencil drawing ideas, we’ve got your back. I have compiled a list of 5 inspiring watercolor pencil drawing ideas that include natural items such as leaves, still life (flowers, fruits and vegetables) and even food! There are endless possibilities to explore with beautiful colored pencils. Explore them all […]

What is Mixed Media Drawing: Benefits to Using More Than 1 Medium

What is mixed media drawing? Mixed Media Drawing is a term that describes the use of more than one medium such as paints, photographs, sand, glue, pencils, charcoals, hair etc on a single surface such as paper or canvas when creating a drawing. What does mixed media entail? What are some benefits to using multiple […]